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Friday, November 25, 2011

Crochet Bangle Hats, Anyone ?

Now, we all know, that in our deep down recesses, we love bangles.   There is just something about them that brings out that little girl in us.   Putting on bangles is just about the equivalent of wearing some fun.      I remember a friend, we must have been about 10, and she had a pair of gloves where the wrist section was loaded with bangles.   I wanted a pair soooooo bad.    And that come rushing back to me this morning when I picked up an old issue of a McCalls Knitting Magazine and this bi-fold pamphlet fell out ....

The Pez

The Pill Box 

A Wig Type Pill Box

A Beret (well, sort of)

A Pixie Cap

And, last but not least, The Loop Toque

So, when it comes to an accessory, can you honestly think of something more fun than these (or potentially others) bangle hats?  I can envision them ...  
  • Purple, Gold and Green for Mardi Gras
  • Red, Green and White for Christmas
  • Brown and Orange for Fall, 
  • Pastels Shades for the Easter hunt.   

I listed the pamphlet in my shop, if you are interested.    Either way, I hope the pictures brought a smile to your heart and some fond memories.

Edited 12/26:   I just discovered that The PEZ pattern (right down to the model) is also part of Bernat Book 165), although I've not yet located the relationship between Wallbeads and Bernat.     

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