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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Bernat Mohair Collection, Book 118

Oh, what a marvelous book this is .... I've processed much of it for the shop, but just MUST take a few minutes and share it as a whole.   The Bernat Mohair Collection - Book 118 bears of copyright stamp of 1963, however, appeared in yarn shops in mid 1962. 

The book was issued as a promotion for four of the Bernat blended yarns that had been introduced
over the three previous years - Mohairspun, Mohairlaine, Astrakhan and Mohair Plus.    You know, go to the yarn shop, see a pattern you love in the book and buy the yarn.

 Mohair was a quite popular product in the early 60's, and I have no doubt most of the patterns were highly desirable.  All the patterns in the book are clothing designed for women and girls. Gracing the front cover is a marvelous cowl pullover with long tasseled point, and a motif trimmed cardigan (being modeled by a quite dour woman).

Here's a trio of design knit in Mohairspun.   The simple straight dress is paired with an overcoat and chunky rolled brim beanie in a contrast color.

Another trio ... this time a trio of coats.  Well, actually, two coats, two hats and a suit with bulky three quarter sleeved jacket and matching beret.

These two pullovers, so soft in mohair, features delightful cowls.  Neither of these patterns would have been a difficult sale to the knitter looking for her next project.

And here, two very nice dresses that would be 'so appropriate' for evening or holiday wear, one knee and one floor length.  The black design has fabulous cutwork.

Another coat, or perhaps long sweater that would be so perfect for casual wear.  The dress, you should take a look at the back buttons!

The two piece dress has 'that touch' of class that never goes out of style, and the dress on the right has that nice, but so comfy appeal - wear it anywhere.

"Mothers" jacket is soft and alluring with a bit of that nubby texture, and 'daughters' cardigan sweater is perfect for cool day wear.

Just a bit more of that nubby mohair texture here from the Astrakhan.  Two cardigan styles, one patterned, one plain, both, I'm sure, a pleasure to wear.

Now, 'her' dress is a an ultra easy raglan delight (you'd want to make two) and that jacket on young girl ... it's a fashionista in grooming desirable.

Here we have the last two cardigan sweater options -- one cabled and one with the squared neck and those fabulously huge buttons.

And last, but certainly not least, gracing the back cover -  the classic long sweater coat and the fun plaid with fringed edges and corresponding stovepipe hat.

Now, Bernat, being The Grand Promoter went one step further with The Mohair Collection - Yarn and Pattern Book, and had paid 'professional knitters' in major markets across the country to stage fashion shows and ... of course ... sell the yarn.

And, that's it !   Bernat Book 118 - The Mohair Collection.   Although not all, I've entered a number of these patterns in the shop, should you care to look.

I hope you enjoyed the book review; thanks for dropping by.

Friday, April 6, 2018

Leeward Mills, Crocheted Nylon Accessories Leaflet

In my stack of loose pattern leaflets (wish I could come across these more often!), is a two page pattern pamphlet from Leeward Mills.

Nylon Accessories to wear ... to give.    Nylon ... yes, the patterns for these designs are crocheted in nylon threads.   This leaflet originated in the 1940's; wool was scarce and nylon became a regular commodity in the crochet community. And, after WWII ended, a huge surplus from parachute production remained.     (Note:   It is still available today in the same sizes!).

The pattern on the front page gives three insertion, with matching edgings.  These insertions were designed for hankerchief ... dense and  luxurious.

The Classic Bag and Beanie grace and inside page.   Worked in Nylon size 5, I'd think these accessories would be on the stiffer side.

This narrow tie, in Size 5 Nylon thread might make an interesting addition as a scarf to your favorite button-down.   The pattern is available as a Free Download in the shop.

And then .... the pamphlet closes with the Leeward Mills Quality Guarantee, which was typically printed on the label of their products.

Hope you enjoyed the touch of 1940's accessory fashions.    Thanks for dropping by.