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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Crochet Rug Patterns, Star Book 51

When looking at a pattern book, I can typically tie it to a general time or age just by looking at the pictures.   This booklet, American Thread Star Book 51, for example.   Flipping through the pictures, there was Lassie, as well as chenille bedspread and a pair of quite dated shoes.   This led to the knowledge that it would be early 1950s, before locating the (now expired) copyright of 1951.

Rug patterns, one might think, from the 1950s would be quite outdated an not desirable in today's home. However, I'm not sure that a rug design ever becomes undesirable.   Here, let me show you.

Rug Crochet Pattern from American Thread Book 51
On the front cover:
No 5101 Sculptured Block Rug - made up in 10-1/2 inch tufted blocks to form a large 
rug measuring 46 x 74 inches.

vintage numdah crochet rug pattern, fringed

No 5102 - The White Numdah Rug measures 39 x 24-1/2 inches with a nice floral and leaf embroidered design and plenty of fringe. 

No 5103 Sectional Tufted Rug, featuring a tri-diamond motif and outlining border measures a large 34 x 72 inches.  

Crocheted Oblong Loop Stitch Rug Pattern

No 5104 Loop Stitch Border Rug, just like titled in one, two or three colors of your choice, 
measures 24-1/2 by 36 inches. 

Vintage Loop Stitch Flower Rug Pattern

No 5105/06 Lazy Daisy Loops Oval and Round Rug have looped stitch circles as a border.   The oval rug is 31 x 43 inches and the round rug is 28 inches in diameter. 

No 5107 Marine Rug and Seat cover :  This rug, measuring 26 x 38, has a fish motif cross stitched
and a wavy loop stitch border.  The seat cover is the small standard size.

Vintage Area Rug Crochet Pattern, Three Kittens
No 5108 Kitten Rug has three kitty cats cross stitched with loop stitches all the way around.  The area rug is small at 22 x 32 inches.

Vintage Tapestry Crocheted Rug Pattern

No 5109 Tapestry is a large beauty at 38 x 60 inches.

Oval Striped Crochet Rug Pattern, fringe
No 5110 Americana Rug has three color bands and a nice fringed edge all around the 46-1/2 x 28 inches.

Small Tufted Crochet Rug Pattern
No 5111 - Ring Around o' Loops Rug - with three sections of loop stitching measures 34 inches in diameter. 

Crocheted Waves Loop Stitch Rug Pattern

No 5112 Two Tone Modern Rug measures 44 x 60 inches.

Vintage Colonial Squares Rug Crochet Pattern

No 5113 Colonial Squares made up in 6 blocks that form a geometric design when joined is surrounded by a solid border.  The finished rug measures 34-1/2 x 25 inches.
No 5114 Woven Rug is made of a crochet base with the colors darned through.  It measures 63 x 46 before the end fringe is added.  

One cool thing that American Thread did here was to give directions on each pattern for substitution of materials to make smaller version of the rug.  

Another sign of the times were the loop stitch rugs.  (Perhaps a very early sign that led us to shag rugs?)  My personal favorite is the sculptured Block Rug. Although it could be made in two shapes, the tone on tone has a very contemporary look.   And I'm sure our little girls would love to sit and play on the Lazy Daisy Rugs -- made up in pinks and purples.   

I enjoyed working through this book.   I've reworked each of the patterns to clean, crisp documents and they are listed in the shop - just follow the links under the pictures, should you be interested. 

Thanks for dropping by,  

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hats and Bags in Crochet, Spool Cotton Book 126

The year was 1939. Pope Pius XII was crowned in Vatican ceremonies,  WWII Begins, Federal Spending is 9.14 Million and the top song is,  In The Mood, by Glen Miller.   This same year, Spool Cotton Company released their Book No 126.

Hats & Bags in Crochet Spool Cotton 126
This is a delightful book, the pictures have that romantic feel.  And the styles; although the times were quite serious,  were quite gay.

The official introduction page on the inside cover.   You might have to double click to enlarge for reading.

Vintage Hour Glass Crochet Hat Pattern
No 2331 Hour Glass:  Wide on the bottom and top, narrowing in the middle to form a perfect hour
No 2330:  Classic Bag:  A perfect little clutch, with button closure,  to go with many an outfit.

Beret Crochet Patterns is vintage 1930s
 No 2358 Angel Face :  It's smart to look like an angel these days, and this innocent halo beret with grosgrain band will give you an appealing young look.  Tailored enough for street wear -- dressy enough for afternoon.

No 2327 Good News :  Off the head it looks like an envelope with its contrasting ribbon lacing, -- on it accents fair brows.  Wear it for coll feather weight comfort.

No 2335 Pieces of Eight:  A smart treasure, indeed, made of eight separate pieces that make one stunning whole.

No 2340 Runabout :  Wear this casual hat with its flattering brim and high crown on the back of your head.  With color contrast in feather and band, it's ideal for all-around wear.

No 2337 Loop-the-Loop : Referring to the handles of this zipper top knitted bag - of course!  The smart shirred effect and trim lines are easily achieved - and it's wonderfully capacious, to.
This pattern is available as a Free Download.

Vintage Crochet Handbag Patterns
No 2336 Pillbox Hat and Bag: England's fashion leader, the Duchess of Kent, took the tiny pill box to her heart.  We offer it here in waffle stitch crochet with a smart bag to match.
No 2333 The Edwardians :  Pitch this rolled toque forward on your curls to give the Edwardian touch of elegance to your costume, and carry the round bag that makes a perfect alliance.  This set also graces the front cover.
No 2325 Tam O Shanter A dashing highlander tam - a whirling disk that will give you that young look and a flat as a pancake bag to match -- a duet of real smartness.

No 2332 Algiers:  Grand for travelling - packed, this fez with its feather accent collapses into no space at all, or rises on the head to heights of smartness.

No 2328 Sky Top : This young open-topped hat has a ribbon crossband to keep your hair trim and neat.  Wear with the bow at the front or wear at the back for vanity. 

No 2338 Tisket-a-Tasket:  Look like a picture of fragile femininity in this luscious lace creation - a wafer thin sailor which you can wash just the way you do a lamp shade

No 2339 Cock o'the Walk:  Fling this slightly made, but gay young topper, with a saucer like up turned brim, slightly forward on your head.  Trim it with a colorful flowing scarf.  

And, the back cover is the same.

So, what do you think?     If you ever spent a moment thinking the women of the 30's were not fun, these fashions just might help change your mind.  I'll readily admit, that, given the right event, I'd give a try to any one of the hats ... saving the hour glass for New Years Eve, of course.   

I've restored and formatted the patterns into PDF files, which are listed in my shop - just follow the links under the pictures, should you be interested.    Either way, I hope you enjoyed the photo journal. 

Thanks for dropping by,  

Friday, March 8, 2013

Beehive Baby Book, Patterns To Knit & Crochet

I have been working on Columbia Minerva Beehive Baby Book for a couple days know.   I think I've finally got it to a stage where I can share it with you.     Like almost all baby knit and crochet books, this one - Beehive Baby Book Volume 723 - has the most adorable babies and toddlers.  

Shell Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern
723-29 - Star Shell Baby Blanket graces the front cover.  A perfect gift to baby, or in a different 
set of colors, a great addition to the couch ... perfectly lap size at 36 x 50 inches.

Columbia Stuffed Crochet Toys Pattern

723-1 & 2 :  Crocheted Bear Rug and Crocheted Animals - How cute is this !  The rug is 30 inches long and the stuffed dog, cat and rabbit are 9 inches tall.  

723-3 Infants Knitted Set indicates the little hat, booties and a buttoned jacket.  
Notice the little bands and pompoms. 

 Knitting Pattern, Four Piece Baby Set

723-5 Infants Knitted Set, consisting of a hooded jacket, mittens, booties and blanket has a nice waffled type pattern stitch.  This set is also sized for 6 month old baby. 

Vintage Crocheted Baby Pattern Set
723-6 Infants Crocheted Set is certainly designed for a girl with crocheted in ribbon bow ties 
and a little round collar.  This set is size 6 months.

Vintage Baby Leggings Knitted Pattern Set

723-7 Infants Knitted Legging Set - The jacket, bonnet and mittens here are real sweet,
but the one piece legging is absolutely delightful. 

Baby Knitted Leggings Pattern with Jacket Bonnet

723-8 Knitted Legging Set with ribbed footie and buttoned shoulder straps have
matching jacket and bonnet. 

Columbia Minerva Knitted Baby Shawl Blanket Pattern

723-9 Knitted Shawl or blanket measures 40 x 40 inches and is nicely fringed.

Vintage Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern, Puppy Embroidery

723-10 Crocheted Blanket has 4 different puppy motifs embroidered and tri color fringe all the way around the 28 x 32 piece. 

Childs Knitted Cardigan pattern, vintage Columbia Minerva

723-11 Boys Cardigan with Matching Cap is sized 2, 3, and 4.  Bound to be a set that he won't object to wearing.
723-12 Girls Coat with flared skirt, front buttons and back belt band also sized 2, 3 and 4

Toddler Knitted Pullover Sweater Patterns
 723-13, 14, 15 - Three knitted slipovers toddler sized 2, 3 and 4

732-16 Knitted Cardigan with different embroidery and lace motifs.

723-17 Ribbed Cardigan is adorable with button down collar and patch pockets at the side edges.
 This one is also toddler sized at 2, 3 and 4.

723-18 Girls Dress and Bolero.  Empire dress with definition stripes, three quarter sleeves,
 and a cute bolero.
723-18 Boys Suit with long sleeve cardigan sweater and shorts.
Both outfits are great dress-up wear for the little ones sized toddler 2, 3 and 4.
Vintage Childs Cardigan Knitting Pattern

723-20 Childs Cardigan worked in stockinette stitch.  Rough and ready for your toddlers.

723-21 Raglan Sleeves Cardigan for a complete fashion statement.

Girls Crocheted Headband Pattern with Neck Ties

723-22 Crocheted Headband for little girls is lacy in the front with popcorns in the middle and held secure with neck ties.   This pattern is available as a Free Download.

boys helmet knitting pattern with mittens

723-25 Childs Hood and Mittens keeps him all covered up and warm.

Vintage Baby Socks Knitting Pattern
723-26, 27 & 28 - Argyle, Plain and Cable Socks for boys and girls size 4 1/2 to 7 1/2

And the back page is the same as the front.

And, that's it -- the highlights of all 42 pages.  It's a well rounded book with equal offering for the babies and the toddlers (who, of course, we still consider our babies).   Typically I process as many patterns as possible for the shop, but in this case there were a numbers of sts references that I was not sure how to handle, and as such, I didn't.     The patterns that I did process have links under them, should you be interested.   The two girls headband patterns are offered as free downloads.   

My favorites here are the two sets of knitted leggings for the babies and the little girls coat is just too cute.   Your favorites ?  

Hope you enjoyed the review.   Thanks for dropping by,  

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Scandinavian Afghan, Free Crochet Pattern

This pattern, vintage 1960s from Fashioncraft is officially called Scandinavian Afghan.

Free Afghan Crochet Pattern, Scandinavian Stripes

(I know that it's a lousy picture, but truly, when it comes to old magazines, we get what we get).  This afghan is crocheted with big hooks - size Q and K and it's a colorful piece, employing stripes of Mocha Heather, White, Tangerine, Celery Leaf and Gold.   Being a big needle design, it's going to be a fast and easy project to complete.

I was listing in my shop and found myself wondering, is this design representative of a Scandinavian afghan.  So, off to Google images I headed.  (Feel free to take a look).   What did I find?  Well, there are a fair number of afghans, but nothing really in common.   So I went back to Google and searched for 'define Scandinavian Afghan' and found ... not a thing.    So, apparently, Scandinavian Afghan is not a defined style, it's just what someone decided to call it.   I always get these images in my head.   Like, Marge submits Grandma's pattern and the publishers calls her back and says 'Marge, we need a name.  What's it called'.   Marge gives it a quick thought ... 'Well, Grandma came from Scandinavia, so let's call it Scandinavian'.

And, there you go ... Scandinavian Afghan.   It's available as a Free Download in my shop should you like to give it a try.

Thanks for dropping by,

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Dawn Mohspun to Knit and Crochet

Tonight, I'm reviewing Book 196 from American Thread Company.    This book, not dated but somewhere 1960s, was apparently issued as a promotion to the then new DAWN MOHSPUN yarn.   For those of you familiar with the American Thread books .... how they are seried Star, Dawn or Aunt Lydia books ... this one has an interesting twist.   This is Star Book 196, and is a Dawn promotion.

It's a nice leaflet, the patterns are quite simply and I'd think easily accomplished by the beginner to intermediate fiber artist.

 Flower Blouse is made up with bi-color 4 or 4 1/2 inch motifs.  
Mens Cable Sweater, with a casual amount of cables. 

Crocheted lace sheath dress patter

Crochet Shell or Dress ... one pattern at whatever length you might like to take it.  Made up with cluster and shell stitches.

Ruffled Crocheted Sweater Pattern

This cute Long Sleeves with Ruffles sweater has just a touch of the girly girl going on.

Vintage Cardigan Knitting Pattern in Bubble Stitch

Knitted Bubbles is a soft and feminine feature to wear either with a blouse or warmth, 
or as a blouse on its own. 

Loop Stitch Crocheted Sweater Pattern, Vintage 1960s

Loop Trimmed Shell or Sweater for a touch of fun. 

Knitted Puff Stitch Pullover Pattern, Long Sleeve Blouse

This puff stitch pullover sweater, look close, has scalloped edges. 

Vintage Trimmed Cardigan Knitting Pattern

The 'Band' New Cardigan, easy-to-wear, is trimmed in braid or ribbon of your choice.

Vintage Baubles Crocheted Necklace Bracelet Pattern

Crochet pattern to stitch a bauble necklace, bracelet and earrings.  This pattern is offered as 
a free download. 

And, gracing the back cover is a  lovely Straight Dress with a cowl - perfect for summer events or evenings out.  

So, to recap our photo journal, mostly casual designs in the easy to make realm.   A little something for everyone.  Perhaps the most remenescent of the 1960s is the Angel Dress.  My favorite is the puff stitch pullover.  It wouldn't do much to disguise my hips, but I like it anyway!

These patterns are listed in my shop, follow the links under each picture, should you be interested. 

Hope you enjoyed the review.   Thanks for looking.