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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Knit Crochet Patterns Baby Toddler Columbia Minerva 766

This is the 'Beautiful Baby Book - Infants to Four Years.   It was issued by Columbia Minerva in 1967 and it contains, just like the title says  .... patterns for infants.   The book is about a half and half type thing.   It starts out with cute little layettes of baby and then advances on with a series of patterns for our toddlers ... boys and girls, sized in the 1, 2, 3 and 4 range.   All of the patterns are knitting; the majority of them also have crochet edges or other details.   A couple of them involve some embroidery as well.  

Now, putting all these pictures in this post is one step closer to maxing me out, but they are just too adorable to side-step.     Warning though; there are 27 pictures here  if you are on dial-up, it might take awhile.   So, here we go ....
Beautiful Baby Book 
Vintage Romper Knitting Pattern with Embroidery

 766-03 - Snuggle Bunny Saque and Cap

 766-04 - Snow Flake - Hooded Jacket

766-6 Baby Breath - Layette with Cap, Jacket and Blanket
766-7 - Queen Anne's Lace - Baby Blanket ... WOW

766-8 Columbine - Layette; this one includes booties as well.

766-11 Primrose - Layette 

And that concludes the baby section of this book.   It gives us 7 layettes, a sacque, a blanket and a snap crotch top.   Overall, every single pattern is delightful and bound to become a keepsake.   I know, tucked away in a box, I have the knitted layette that was given as a present to my son some 23 years ago.    I know the only reason I save it is that it is so special that I could never part with it.       And here, a whole new level of fun starts.    Now, these are all toddler patterns ...  a few are 1T, all are 2T, 2T and 4T.  
766-12 & 13 - Two Little Elves :   A two pattern matching set features a little suit, a dress and matching panties.  

766-14 - Little Bo Peep : Little Dress with Embroidery detail and matching panties.  

766-15 & 16 - Little Girl and Boy Blue gives us a choice of a sweater and a pullover.  

766-17 & 18 Goldilocks and Little Jack Horner is a sweater and cardigan set - one for her and one for him.  

766-19 & 20 - The Little Patriots - Another his and here toddler set - a dress for her and a pullover, shorts and socks for him.   And, lets not forget the fun striped patriotic look.   Or, mix and match those colors to other seasons !

766-21 & 22 - Jack and Jill, a two pattern set with a skirt for her and short pants for him, suspenders and pullovers for both.
766-23 - Cinderella - Toddler dress with a cute little round collar, yoke and short sleeves.   Put tights under it and she is ready to go anywhere.  

766-24 & 24 - The Barnyard Twins - a pullover for her; a cardigan for him and nice bird embroidery motif for both.  

766-26 & 27  - Little Red Riding Hood and Jack Frost:  There's alot of pattern here.  For her, a coat, spats and hat; for him, leggings (pants) and a hooded jacket.

766-28 - Bambi.   Another cute dress with long sleeves, patterned motif and color bands.  

766-29 & 30 - Brigadoon.   Again, a his and hers pattern set ... of the argyle type.   A dress for her, a cardigan for him, socks and pullovers for both. 
766-31 - Jiminy Cricket - A quite handsome cardigan.  

766-32 - Puss in Boots - A girls winter suit with sweater, pants and a hat; all featuring double bands.

766-33 & 34 - Hansel and Gretel:  Another his and hers sweater and cardigan set.  

766-35 & 36 - Little Darling and Mignonete - Dress-up sweaters; one with a lacy neckline and one with flower embroidery.  

766-37 & 38 - Pussy Willow and Morning Glory - The last two patterns; one pullover and one sweater - both are something special.

So, was that a lot of patterns, or what?   When going through the book, I contemplated NOT putting it in the blog.  But then, how could I say I was going to put all these public domain in here for your viewing pleasure, if I didn't actually do.   So ... three days later ... finally finished.    

I've listed these individually in my shop, if you are interested.   The book was just to much for me (MB wise) to put out as a whole.   And, the truth is, no one probably wants to make more than one or two of them anyway.   

So, I think I'll take a break for a couple days .... 

Thanks for dropping by, 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Crochet Football Pattern, For you Sports Fans

Here's the perfect gift to crochet up for those football fans in your life.    No, not gloves to keep the hands warm, but a football ... to hug until the final minutes and past.

Now, our favorite team is LSU and our football would be purple and gold.   But, feel free to make it up in colors of your choice.

Go Team !

Embroidery How To, Star Book 221, American Thread

I'm sure I have a couple different embroidery books in my pending box, but this is the first one I've pulled out to review.    This is 'The ABC of Embroidery'.   It is Star Book 221 from American Thread.   The booklet is undated, but based on the photograph styles, I'd say mid 1960s.

The ABC of Embroidery

 The front cover previews a couple of the patterns, or more importantly, the stitches) contained within the book.   The front and back cover are the same. 

The contents do not detail the patterns, but instead, the stitching.   And, that's what is significant about the book - the stitches.    This is a nice list of stitches.   Each stitch is shown in full detail, making them quite easy to follow and learn. 

A Crewel Project for an eyeglass case.  

Two projects to pillow tops.  These are embroidery worked in yarn. 

Projects for lattice stitched pillows

Several pages of diagrams and charts to create decorative borders and fill stitches. 

Project to embroider stitch on a tote bag. 

Project, with diagram, to stitch an Espallier picture. 

And, as far as the pictures go, that is it.    From a project standpoint, not really alot here if you are looking for start to finish projects.    But, if one is looking for a book with good instructions, with diagrams on how to create a large number of stitches to apply to freeform work, or perhaps transfers, this one would do a good job. 

This book is outside public domain for listing in the shop, however, wanted to share.   If this is what you are looking for, I'd suggest checking Ebay for a copy.

Thanks for dropping by, 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Crochet Doilies, Coats Clarks Book 235,

It has been a month or so since I featured a Doily Book, so I reached into the box and routed around to come out with this one ... A Collection of Fascinating New Designs.    This is Coats and Clarks Book 235.   It was issued in 1947 for a whopping sum of 10 cents.    There are 12 individually doily patterns and 2 luncheon mat / runner sets.   All are crochet and all call of Mercerized Cottons, by ... of course ... Coats and Clarks.
Clark's O.N.T. - J&P Coats Book 235
No 7808 - The front cover gives us a preview of the large centerpiece Pineapple Design Doily.   This finished beauty is 22 inches in diameter.
As typical (to keep costs down, I'd assume), the front and back cover are the same. 
No 7831 - This Star Motif doily measures 14 inches in diameter.

No 7817 - Round doily perfect for small places or to highlight small items - just 5 inches.
 No 7839 - Large 15 inch doily of pineapple motif attached to a linen center.
 7810 - Also on a linen center, this piece measures 12 inches.
7801 - Another centerpiece doily at 26 inches in diameter.  This one features a large star, surrounded by even larger hearts.  It is lovely!

No 7840 - A doily luncheon set.  Each placemat measures 11 x 17 inches and the runner measures 12 x 30 inches.   Can't you just envision these with a dark colored tablecloth?

No 4038 - A sweet little ruffled doily with a center star motif.   This piece measures just 9 inches in diameter.

No 7841 - A second luncheon set made up with 2 inch motifs.   The placemats are 12 inches square and the runner is 12 x 30 inches.  Of course, you could continue making motifs and turn into scarves or table cloths.
No 7796 - A medium centerpiece at 18 inches in diameter.  I like the changing pattern design  - a whee to star points, fans and scallops.

No 7814 - This small piece, just 6.5 inches, is big on detail. This pattern available for free download.

No 7794 - Medium in size, at 12 inches in diameter, this doily, with the more solid center, becomes a wonderful doily to accent your treasures. 
No 7797 - This doily is larger than it appears, 12 inches in diameter.  It features a dainty floral interior and a scalloped shell edge. 

No 7803 - A tulip motif, both standard and long, are featured in this 14 inch piece. 

And, that's it.   What do you think?   Remember the front page statement - A Collection of Fascinating New Designs?   Well, some of these new designs from 1947 are classics today in 2011.  

My particular copy of this book is in relatively poor shape, which shows in some of the pictures.   I was able, however, to restore the patterns back to original copy -- there are links under the pictures should you be interested in one of them.

I hope you enjoyed these vintage doily pictures.    I had thought of cleaning them up with photoshop, but it seemed a shame to alter the 1947 style.   So, I left them alone.   

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Crocheted Egg Cup Warmer - Rooster and Bunny

You know that you've been looking everywhere for a crochet pattern to make egg warmers.   I know you have ... they are just something that not many of us have anymore and would make sure incredible conversation pieces at the breakfast table !

Crocheted Egg Warmer Pattern, Rooster & Bunny

Okay, all kidding aside .... this is an old pattern that i found in the April, 1949 issue of The Workbasket.   I started out thinking that egg cups were probably an obsolete item.   But I went out and did a quick Google, and apparently I'm wrong.    So, you boil the egg, put the egg in the cup and put these cute little warmers over the top.   But yes, I know ...  you already had that part figured out.     So, I'll just get on with the pattern.
Crocheted Rooster Egg Warmer, Free Pattern

To print:  Click to enlarge the picture and then copy/paste to a word document on your hard drive.

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