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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

This Crocheted Shawl is a Fascinator

I came across another occurrence of a crochet pattern being specifically called a Fascinator.     The first time, was a few months back in a pattern leaflet from the Spool Cotton Company, and then today, a mail order pattern.

This one, SPC 1440, is a frilly delight, approx. 40 inches long.   It is early 1940's.  

Laura Wheeler 709, a shawl that is 46 x 38 x 29 inches.   This one has a nice tulip motif that is attached here and there to adorn.

Crocheted Fascinator pattern, head scarf
This Fascinator, from Woolco, is crocheted in yarn, giving it a more substantial look.  

Both pieces are lovely, but, of course, sent me off to a typical distracted and off-topic research project.    And, what did I learn.    Well, the term Fascinator started out as a bit of a Victorian label for lace or crocheted head shawl that was secured to the head and drapes down the back, at varying scarf or shawl lengths.  These garments were deemed to make a woman mysterious.   By the 1930s, the term (according to Britticana Blogs) the term move applied to lacy hoods an then slowly disappeared from use. 

The term Fascinator began making a reappearance for the small adorned hats typically worn by the British in the 2000's.   
Like this example from Wikipedia.

Now, two hours, a shower and dinner later, I'll be able to let the subject go and move on to the next pattern in my stack to process.  

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