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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Knit Crochet Patterns for Your Baby

The year was 1949, Harry Truman was president, cable television debuted, Milton Berle hosted the first telethon for cancer research, a postage stamp was 3 cents and needlework arts continued to be immensely popular.

In promotion for their line of Dawn Baby Yarns (Baby Yarn, Infants Wool, Pompadour, Medium Weight Pompadour, Anti Shrink, Paradise and Zephyr), American Thread issued their Star Book No 67 - For Your Baby.

The book contains 14 patterns;  7 Knit and 8 crochet.  The pattern designs covers babies between 6 months and Size 3.

No 6701 - Crocheted Baby Jacket, Bonnet and Booties is worked in a delicate shell stitch with solid yoke and contrast stripes.   It is sized for baby 6 months to 1 year.

No 6702 Childs Nylon Cardigan:  This charming sweater is an easy knit and designed
 for little girls at size 2

No 6703 Nylon Knitted Soakers :  An easy diaper cover for your baby.   The pattern is 
offered as a free download in the shop. 

No 6704 Nylon Play Pants are knitted with suspenders affixed with buttons.
The short pants are Size 1.  

No 6705 Rayon Baby Set is crocheted in star stitch.   Perfect for a boy, without lacy frills,
but made interesting with side button appeal. 

No 6706 Rabbit Crocheted in Angora Wool.  This pattern is available as a
Free Download in the shop.

6707, 08, 09 - Crocheted Baby Bibs in three different styles.   A design here to suit every baby.

No 6710 Knitted Set for Baby sized 1.  These booties are more like socks; I'd
suggest making several pairs.

No 6711 Knitted Sweater and Cap will give baby that stand-out look in this knitted set.
It is sized for baby at six to twelve months.

Crocheted Dress No 6712 is sized for little girls 2 and 3.  She'll love the little Peter Pan collar and buttons, and everyone will love the way she looks.

No 6713 Childs Ducky Sweater is size two.  After knitting the sweater, the ducky motif
is cross stitch embroidery.

No 6714 Crocheted Baby Set has the lacy detail for a Girls Set.  Included is a
jacket, bonnet and booties; all size 1.

The back cover is the same as the front cover.   Although the pictures are not of great quality, all of the patterns are quite delightful.  If you are wanting to make something special for baby and you can't find something in these vintage designs .... well, what can I say !

I've listed the patterns in the shop, should you be interested.    There are, of course, many other knitted and crocheted baby toddler designs if you'd care to browse the categories.   

Thanks for dropping by to read my book report.