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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Crocheted Tablecloths, Book 179 from Spool Cotton

There are a whole array for crochet pattern books that were issued by The Spool Cotton Company during the 1940s.    Times were (financially) tight with World War II in progress and many a woman spent a fair number of the evening hours creating beautiful laces to adorn their homes.     This particular book, No 179, Crocheted Tablecloths and Luncheon Sets, was issued in 1942.  Here, let me share it with you, page by page.

Crocheted Tablecloth Pattern Book, SPC 279
The official write-up :  "Friendship and the warmth of hospitality, which have become of great importance to us all, find their perfect expression in home entertaining.  You;ll want to open your house, dress up your table and share its loveliness with your guests.  A crocheted lace cloth will add a very personal charm to your luncheon or dinner and make of it a glamorous and memorable occasion".
No 7468 Maywood : Pretty flowers awash in a sea of lace graces the front cover 

Star Medallion Crochet Tablecloth Pattern
No 7464 - Raleigh : All the world loves the sparkle of stars .. so capture their beauty for your table with this exquisite cloth.

Round Medallion Tablecloth Crochet Pattern called Monterey
No 7463 Monterey :  With the Stylized Charm of Old Tiles.

Filet Crocheted Roses Placemat Pattern and Table Set
No 7407 El Dorado : Filet roses in the modern manner.

Round Flower Medallions for Crocheted Tablecloth Pattern
No 7467 Winthrop - For a flowery lacy look.

Long Filet Crochet Tablecloth Pattern
No 7462 Hampshire - Plumes make a pageant of filet.

Vintage Ardmore Starfish Crochet Cloth Pattern
No 7466 - Ardmore :  If your dinner's keyed to a more formal note this radiant motif cloth will bring your table charm and distinction.

Round Medallion Motif for Runner Placemat Crochet Patterns
No 7484 Worcester - A luncheon set with a crispy air.

Fairfax Nosegay of Flowers Cloth Crochet Pattern
No 7469 Fairfax - A nosegay of flowers.

Aurora Crochet Cloth Pattern is vintage 1940s
No 7471 Aurora - Another Star from our Galaxy

Arlington Tablecloth Crochet Pattern Round Medallions
No 7465 Arlington - A very special beauty.

Vintage Oblong Tablecloth Crochet Pattern with Square Motif
No 7470 Cambridge - Yours for everyday loveliness

Vintage Coats Clarks Thread Advertisement
And the back cover is a repeating image of Crochet Cottons

And that's it.   Cover to cover.    There are certainly some lovely designs here, all of heirloom quality.   Yes, a cloth can be a large project, but consider that most of these motifs are quick to turn out.   The patterns are listed individually in my shop should you be interested.   

Hope you enjoyed the photo journal. 


Sunday, October 6, 2013

Crochet Hats Bags and Accessories

The year was 1943, World War II was underway and financially times were tight.   It was also a time of high fashion, and many a woman spent the evening hours knitting and crocheting both items to donate to the war effort, but items of fashion for themselves.

Spool Cotton Company, one of the major thread and pattern publishing companies, at this time, published their book 200 -

Book 200, Spool Cotton Company
 Hats, Bags and Accessories 
" Heady Stuff:  Hats to turn heads, and warm hearts ... Hats to bring a glow to your cheek, a sparkle in his eye ... Hats to make your personal history memorable.  There's nothing like a pretty hat to make a pretty girl prettier, to give her a head star on chic, to captivate the man in her life.  Here are 21 out and out flatterers designed to make the most of you at a fraction of expense.  Lofty ideas that deal softly with your purse, keep your feet on the ground ... but let your head soar in the clouds. "

PC1317 - Mother Daughter Scotch Caps - Contrast the ribbon to compliment your outfits.

PC1340 Black Hat and Bag - The buttons certainly add intrigue to this bag.  The hat is a simple calot.

PC1323 Liberty Hat - This is an adorable highlight, with or without the flower.   

PC1336 - Square Brimmed Bonnet - This is certainly the 'glow to the cheeks' reference.

PC1331 - Beret with a small bridge where a ribbon is threaded at the top. 

PC1352 - Baby Cap is a close fitting affair with three small tassels at the left edge.

PC1251 - Pink and Maroon Hat and Bag Set.   Enticing and easy to boot.

Vintage 1940s Crocheted Flat Top Hat
PC1351 - Black Out Hat and Gloves

PC1346 Cherry Mittens - Easy to make mittens with a delightful raised cherry motif.

PC1312 High Hat with Tassels is a breezy affair that would add a touch of fun to almost any outfit.

PC1329 Paillette Trimmed Hat and Muff.  The hat has just enough veiling to be romantic

PC1329 Roll Back Pompadour hat finishes in the back with a large stylish bow.

PC1326 Open Crown Hat and Bag Set.

PC1316 Classic Sailor Hat is high, wide and handsome.

So, what do you think?    Did Spool Cotton nail the essence with the description ... hats to make a girl prettier and captivate the man in her life?   I am particularly fond of the square brimmed hat and the roll back pompadour.  These two would mesh well with my style.   

So many of the modern crochet hat patterns are similar, squashy and touting ears.   I think it would be marvelous to see a return to variety.  

I hope you enjoy the book preview.   I've listed most of the patterns in my shop; links are below the pictures. 

Thanks for dropping by,