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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Chevron Strip Afghan, Free Knitting Pattern

If, 1) you have a good imagination, and 2) you are looking for a Chevron Afghan Knitting Pattern, have I got a deal for you.      Here is the imagination part.

1)  This afghan, a vintage 1960s Coats & Clark pattern, is knitted with big needles in two colors.   This pattern is calling for Tangerine and Baby Yellow.   Go ahead, skint your eyes.    Can you see it? A mix of bold and mellow, casually tossed over the arm of your couch, or perhaps the end of your bed.   Now, of course, you could imagine it in any color combination you like.   

2)  And, if you are looking for an knitted chevron afghan pattern, this one is free !   And, it's super easy as well, knit on big needles, with just a bit of crochet detail.

If you'd like to give it a try, I've listed it as a FREE DOWNLOAD in MY SHOP.

Want to see more Crochet Afghan patterns?    I have bunches of them in my shop.

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Crocheted Tablecloths of Round Medallions

A neighbor, going through boxes that had belonged to her grandmother, came across a couple crochet patterns, which she was kind enough to pass on to me.   She said she found nothing else that was crochet pattern related and had no knowledge that her grandmother was creative in any form.   Yet, she had held on to these patterns for a Very Long time.   All three patterns are free leaflets and all are dated 1939.   Although folded, they are in Very Good condition.

Crocheted Lucky Star Tablecloth pattern
Officially called Lucky Star No 7144.  It was issued as Fre Leaflet No 1555 and has an encircled star motif.      Variations of this pattern have circulated several times.  I know I've seen it in a late 50's American Thread book as a table runner.

Vintage Crochet Round Medallion Tablecloth Pattern
This is Continental No 7159, issued in Free Leaflet 1466L.   A semi spider web type design and measuring 60 x 81 inches.  The large motifs are 4 inches and and small are 2 1/2.   With a little heavier thread, this would make a wonderful bedspread as well.

Crocheted World's Fair Tablecloth Pattern
This is the Worlds Fair Cloth Pattern.   It is another that has recycled.   I browsed around and apparently the motif is the same as that of the World Fair and was reissued to commemorate the different events.   This particular pattern does not state a size.  Just keep creating the motifs until you reach your desired size.

So, I know several things about the original owner of the patterns.    Her name was Martha, she lived to be 92, she had a granddaughter named Linda and she collected three crochet patterns all with a circular motif.

I've reformatted the patterns to clear clean copy, maintaining the original cover art and have listed in my shop, through the above links, should you be interested.  If you are looking for a specific vintage tablecloth, I have a ton of them (well, not literally), in the shop.  You might also want to look in the Squares and Medallions section as well.

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Monday, April 9, 2012

God Bless Our Home, Filet Crochet Sampler, Free Pattern

Here is another pattern that comes from the January 1953 issue of The Workbasket.    It's a wall sampler or cloth with the ever popular saying - God Bless Our Home.

Now, early issue of The Workbasket can be known for their really poor image quality.   And, I have to say, that they really outdid themselves with this one.

If you look real close there is a floral motif and the lettering, all worked from a chart using mercerized threads.  The finished piece measures 18 x 36 inches.   I'm just learning how to crochet (and it is not going too well), and it amazes that something as detailed and lovely as this piece, is such a small pattern.

This pattern is available as a FREE DOWNLOAD should you like make one for yourself, or gift to a friend.

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Quick Knit Patterns Columbia Minerva 732, Jackets Slipovers Coats

It's been awhile since I've previewed one of the vintage pattern books, so I took a gander though my box and came out with an early 1960's selection from Columbia Minerva.   This is book number 732 and contains a variety of patterns for sweaters, jackets, cardigans and a three coats.    A couple of the patterns are standard fair, but most have something special going on; either in design or pattern stitch.   Most of the patterns are knitted, most with some crochet detail included, and just two of the patterns are all crochet.     There are 32 patterns in all - all a promotion for Columbia Minerva's Knitting Worsted, Calypso, Calibar and Calibrette yarns.

The front cover features two cardigans and a slipover (732-1, 2 and 3).   All three knitted, with crochet. 

Vintage Knit Cable Cardigan Pattern Size 12 to 18
732-4 Cardigan - A cabled cardigan reminiscent of Jackie O style .. just below waist.    Sized 12 to 18, knit with crochet

 732-5 (on left) and 732-6 (on right).   Both have great pattern stitches; both are knitted; 732-6 has a touch of crochet.  

Moss Stitch Knitted Cardigan Pattern
732-7 Cardigan has an attractive mix of diamonds with a moss stitch carried across front, back and down the sleeves.  It is knitted, with crochet details. 

732-8 Cardigan has a sweet pattern stitch and quite a feminine collar.  It is on the short side (a definite 1960s style), just below waist length and three quarter sleeves.   

Viintage 1960's knitted cardigan patterns, waist length.
732-9 Jacket (on left) and 732-10 Cardigan (on right).   Both these pieces are knitted, with crochet detail.  Both are attractive fair, but 732-9, with those elbow length bell sleeves and big collar are just a notch above.  

Vintage Waist Length Cardigan Knitting Pattern No 732-11
732-11 Cardigan - I don't know the name of this pattern stitch, but what a delight it is.  I particularly like how the pattern is pulled onto the collar, versus a ribbed effect.   It is knitted and sized 12 to 18. 

Knitted Fair Isle Cardigan Jacket Pattern

732-12 - Fair Isle Cardigan is worked by directed yarn color changes, not a chart.  It is knitted with crochet detail with solid contrast for fold-over collar, sleeves and button band.  

732-13 Cardigan (on left) and 732-14 Cardigan Jacket (on right) - Two great wardrobe choices; both knitted, with crochet detail.  

Double breasted knit cardigan pattern No 732-15
732-15 Cardigan - Here we have a knitted double breasted beauty with a fold over, wrap across collar.   It is sized 14 to 20.  

Long double breasted cable cardigan knitting pattern No 732-16
732-16 Cardigan Jacket - How do you take a cardigan jacket even more delightful?  Well, here they 
have added a double breasted inset panel - fashion and flair.  It is knitted, with crochet edging and sized 12 to 18.  

732-17 Jacket - The collar on this jacket is so wonderful that CM nailed it by making the rest of the design straight forward and simple.  It is knitted and sized 12 to 18.  

Knitted Plaid Jacket Pattern with Elbow Length Sleeves
732-18 - Jacket - This piece just builds on itself ... first the pattern design, then the big buttons, the 3/4 sleeves and then, that collar.  It is knitted, with crochet edging.  

Knitting Pattern, Bulky Jacket with Long Sleeves
732-19 Jacket - Short and sweet with the potential of making just the right statement.   It is knitted.  

Diamond Knit Sweater Pattern No 732-20
732-20 Slipover - A high neck pullover with raglan 3/4 sleeves and waist length.  Oh, and that delightful diamond geometric edged design!

Knit tabbard and pullover knitting pattern
732-21 Poncho with Slipover - This is a two-fer pattern.  First is a standard ribbed turtleneck slipover sweater, and then a motif designed tabbard with side ties.  (CM are referring to it as a poncho).   Both are knitted, the poncho has crochet ties.

Pullover Sweater Knitting Pattern with patch Pockets
732-22 Slipover - A nice sweater with banded V-neckline, three quarter sleeves and patch pockets.  It has an outdoorsy flair.  

732-23 Slipover (on right) and 732-24 Slipover (on left)  - Two great slipovers; one with an incredible cowl neck and one with a panel inset.  Both are knitted; pattern on right with crochet edges. 

Vintage Honeycomb Pullover Sweater Knitting Pattern
732-25 Slipover.  This out-of-the-ordinary has a raised diamond motif, edge ribbing and an attached tie scarf collar.   It is knitted and sized 10 to 16.

Hooded cable pullover knitting pattern, with mittens
732-26 Slipover, Hood and Mittens - a three pattern set.  The sweater features a strong cable pattern, which is matched on the gloves and detachable hood.   It's knitted with crochet ties and edges.  Mix and match all the way.  

Honeycomb stitched knit pullover pattern
732-27 Slipover - The is a design of understated elegance, featuring a honeycomb stitch - dress it up, or dress it down.   It is knitted.  

Car Coats Knitting Pattern
732-28 Cardigan Jacket (on left) and 732-29 Jacket (on right).  Columbia Minerva offer up these two exclusively crochet patterns - both loose fitting and comfortable in appearance, with great collars and sleeve variations.   

 Knitted knee length coat pattern, vintage 1960s
732-30 Coat - This coat has that WOW factor.  Simple and elegant, with the strong cable highlights.  It is knitted, with crochet edges and sized 10 to 20.  

Hooded Plaid Coat Knitting Pattern
732-31 Hooded Coat - This design is bold and fun; hip length with the checked pattern, hood and contrast bands.   It is knitted, crochet detail.  

732-33 Coat - And, last but not least, another long knitted coat - simple like a long sweater.   it is knitted with crochet detail and sized 10 to 20.

As typical with the earlier pattern books, the back cover is the same as the front shown above.   Now, as I work through the book, I process the patterns that I put in my shop.  This takes several days.  Which means, I've been looking at these designs quite a bit.   I have to say, there isn't a single one that I don't like.   And, the photography ... well, soft, romantic and sweet.   The pictures are a delight to look at.   

Well done Columbia Minerva !     The titles with highlighted links are available in my shop, should you be interested.   

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