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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Bedspreads and Tablecloths Crochet Patterns Book No 301

For this review, let's take it all the way back to 1953.  (I don't know about you, but that's before even I was born!).  In this time, the flight to the suburbs continues, many women continue to be stay-at-home mothers, and fashions are on the sleek side, which were termed Modern.  (Relating to the present or recent times as opposed to the remote past).    The book is ....

J&P Coats & Clark's Book No 301 Bedspreads and Tablecloths
The inside cover promotion:  AMERICAN MODERN ... the prettiest, most practical style of home decoration that flows more and more popular every year.  To prove that creative crochet is always charming, we have chosen representative examples of contemporary American furniture and have designed harmonizing bedspreads and tablecloths.  And, as an outlet for your imagination, we give you a selection of motifs, to make whatever you desire in the thread of your choice - which, of course, will be the best -- Coats and Clark's O.N.T. Crochet Cottons.  

S-435 California Modern is made of 4" medallions.

S-436 Pennsylvania Modern - The two color display gives this design a bit of a geometric look.  Square are 3 1/2 inches.

S-437 Maryland Modern is the first 'fitted' spread I've seen in any of the pattern books.   It is accompanied by a 10 inch bolster.  The medallions are 3 inch.

S-483 Texas Modern is a 6 inch medallion in an octagon shape with a circle center.  A quite appealing design.

In the middle of the book, Coats & Clark's decided to take a bit of a shortcut and give us samples of the medallions only, with a small sketch next to it to further imply possible uses.  The theme .. let your imagination to wild; use these for cloths, chair sets, whatever.  Note that the bottom left square is actually a hairpin lace panel.  (P.S. -- I'd imagine most of these, crocheted in knitting worsted, would make great afghans).   These motifs are scattered among the crochet squares/medallions category.

And the back cover is graced by the stunning S-447 Oregon Modern.   This beauty, in wheat motif, measures 66 inches in diameter and will become the central focus in any room.

And, that's it.  At first I though it was light on tablecloths until my thinking cleared and realized the medallions in the center of the book were all multi-purpose.

There's some nice selections in here.   Those of you who may have inherited some of these designs ...
what a delight.  For the rest of you, perhaps you should get those hooks ready and create future heirlooms.

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