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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Crochet Rug Pattern, Bucilla Vol 148

Next up in my stack of old books is Bucilla Crochet Cotton Rugs, Vol 148.     This book was put out by Bernhard Ulman and features Bucilla yarns.    The year .... well .... this one goes back to 1947; that's 65 years.   The photography in the book is black and white (of course) and is very dark.  My book is not yellowed, so I have to assume this is the way it was published.

There are a nice selection of rug crochet patterns here.  I would rate most of these intermediate to advanced, but it certainly looks that they would be well worth the effort.

Bucilla Crochet Cotton Rugs, Vol 148 
Vintage Crochet Cotton Rugs Pattern Book From Bucilla
Luxury Fringe No 3562 graces the front cover.   A lovely rug with three tufted edge rows, complimented with lush fringe.  

No 3556 Sun Dial:  This two tone rug (colors of your choice) measures 36 inches in diameter.

No 3559 Cable Stripe:  Two contrasting shades make up the bold cable pattern between rows of straight crochet, and a bit of fringe, for a finished rug that measures 24 x 37 inches. 

No 3561 Petit Point - floral design crocheted to chart (not embroidery) measures a lovely 24 x 36 inches.   

No 3555 Wavecrest - This fun rug, measuring 27 x 37 sure looks like a ripple !

No 3558 Neo Classic - Oval rug with nice floral and popcorn designs. 

No 3560 Lorna Doone - A plaid color with an abundance of color (7 in all) which measures 25 x 37 inches.  Notice they named this pattern Lorna Doone.  Do you suppose the book had another resurgence in popularity to gain the title?

No 3563 Puff Ball - A circular rug at 33 inches in diameter has three round rings and a center that warrants the name of puff ball.

No 3554 Filet Rose - This delightful rug, sized 29 x 40 inches, bears an attractive rose motif and is reversible. 

No 3553 Moonbeam Bathroom Set includes an oval rug measuring 24 x 36 inches and a standard size toilet seat cover.

No 3557 Gloucester - Pretty flowers are crocheted separately and attached to this 24 x 36 inch area rug.

And, last but not least ... the back cover features a full scale Bucilla Thread Advertisement.

Overall, the book contains a number of nice rug patterns.   I particularly like the dimensional quality of most of them.   If I had to choose one, it would be the Cable Stripe.   It would look great at my back door.   How about you?   

The individual patterns are available in my shop by following the links below the pictures. 

Hope you enjoyed the book preview.   
Thanks for dropping by,  

Monday, October 22, 2012

Jiffy Knit Patterns, Book 158

In 1965 Coats and Clarks put out their Book 158, which they called Jiffy Knits.   There are 18 patterns in the book, all, just like the title implies, Knitted.  It's one of those family pattern type books .. a few things for mom, a few for dad, a couple kid garments or accessories and a couple toys.  Here, let me show you.

Jiffy Knits, Book 158
The front page gives us a preview of the first three patterns in the book.

Vintage Raglan Cable Sweater Knitting Pattern
.  B485 - Womans Raglan Cable Pullover is a quick knit garment worked from the neck down.   It sized small, medium and large. 

Mans Knitted Raglan Pullover Pattern
B486 Mans V-Neck Raglan Pullover - This piece is also worked from the neck down, with cales emphasizing the easy-fit raglan sleeves.  Sized Small, Medium and Large - fitting chest sizes 36 to 46. 

Knitting Pattern Childs Petal Cardigan
B-487 Child's Jiffy Petal Cardigan - Girls knit sweater with a petal motif across the yoke and shoulders.   Coats & Clarks put out the exact design in a misses sized pattern in their Book 185, Quick Knits

Vintage Shell Knitting Pattern
 B488 - Jiffy Spiral Knit Shell - This shell is knit on the diagonal - called a spiral knit.  It is sized small, medium and large.
Knitted Strip Beret Pattern for Mother Daughter

B489 Mother & Daughter Berets - This colorful beret of multi-color yarn is sized Small and Large, thus the mother/daughter designation.   I have to admit, the hanging tassel is cute.

One Skein knit boots pattern
B490 One Skein Boot Socks - These pretties are knitted and feature lace up ties that end with pompons.   I would think these would especially be loved by the tween set!

Knitted Big Bulky Stole Pattern
B491 Big Bulky Stole is both attractive and super easy.   Knitted; when finished measures 24 x 75 inches.  Attractive in pictured in a 'wear-out' piece, this would also be a good wrap to sit on the couch with.

Vintage Rabbit stuffed animal knitting pattern

B492 - Sir Robinson Rabbit - Quick to knit in simple garter and stockinette stitches.

Vintage Knitting Pattern for Chanel Jacket
B493 - Two Skein Chanel Jacket - This beautiful jacket, chanel in every way, is sized 10 to 18.  

Vintage Knitted Doll Tissue Topper Pattern
B494 - Tissue Topper :  Pretty toppers, just like this, used to be the standards in our bathrooms.   Perhaps they deserve a return !   Just in case you'd like to start the revolution.  This pattern is available for free in my shop.
 Baby Sweater Knitting Pattern
B495 Baby Sweater - Officially called a Baby Sweater, this one is size 1, 2 and 3 - making it more applicable for the toddler.   Pair it up with pants or a skirt --- Cute !
Knitted fingerless gloves pattern, vintage 1960s
B492 - Mans Half or Whole Mitten - Perhaps an early version of the Fingerless Gloves ! The pattern includes the direction to finish the gloves to whole mittens. 
B497 - Childs Scarf - A perfect pattern for the true beginner - measures 8 x 34 inches. 

Fair Isle Knitted Mittens Hood Pattern
B498 - Fair Isle Hood and Mittens - Knit this set to be not only warm and toasty in winter,
 but fashionable as well.  

B500 Cable Scarf - Fast, and quite easy, worked in a reversible cable pattern.   This pattern is available for free in my shop.

Knitted Bed Socks Knitting Pattern
B501 - Womens Stretch Slippers - Sized small, medium and large, would also make great bed socks with the touch of elastic to hold them in place.

gingerbread man, knitted toy pattern
B502 Gingerbread Man Toy - This cute guy sports a buttoned vest of baby rick-rack, making it not suitable for very small children.  This pattern is available for free in my shop.

And, the back page gives us a colorful review of 6 of the patterns we've already seen.

So, something for everyone ... you think?   I have to say, that I like the knitted slippers the best.   Although, they might not look that cute when stretched to fit my feet !   Most of these patterns are available in the shop; just follow the link below the pictures.

I hope you enjoyed the preview.   Thanks for dropping by.  

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Crochet a Catnip Mouse for your Cat

This is our cat Tiger.  
 He's an older guy; about 14 years.    He doesn't play much.  Usually just the subtle stroll to the food dish, or the catbox.  BUT, once in awhile he gets it all together and chases his tail around in a couple circles.

I came across this crochet pattern in a 1950s magazine and thought  .... I wonder if Tiger would play with this.
Crocheted Catnip Mouse Pattern, Vintage 1950s
So, I reached over and tapped him on the shoulder and said ... "Hey Tiger, would you like me to crochet you a mouse to play with?".   And ... his response (right before he fell back to sleep).

Perhaps you'll have better luck with your cat.   If you'd like to give it a try, I've posted this in my shop as a free download. 

Thanks for dropping by,

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

So You Want To Make A Rug, Star Book 197

So You Want to Make A Rug, is Star Book No 197, put out by American Thread Company.   I don't know the actual issue year as there is no copyright stated on the book (making it public domain).   I'm going to guess late 1960's, perhaps early 1970s based on the print fonts and quality of color pictures.    All of the actual patterns in the book are crochet, or have some crochet component.

Crochet Rug Pattern Book 197, American Thread

The first 12 pages of the book discuss how to make Punch Needle Rugs.   There are no direct patterns given, but references to kits to purchase over the counter.    There is also a nice two page instruction and diagram sheets for making PomPon rugs.

Flower Block Crochet Rug Pattern
Crocheted Motif Rug is made up in bright colors.  It is sure to be a colorspot in the home.  The rug measures 25 x 38. 

Round fringed crochet rug pattern
Basic Round Crocheted Rug -  Crocheted in four colors to whatever size you want - Small, Medium or Large.  A light fringe is added for a finishing touch.  

Crocheted Round Rug Pattern in Loop Stitch
Crochet in the Round Rug looks soft and comfy made up in 4 corresponding shades.   It is crocheted to 38 inches in diameter and then knot fringe is added.  

Rose Embroidered Crochet Rug Pattern, Fringed
Crochet with Embroidery is a firm base of single crochet, measuring 26 x 36 inches to which a full fringe and a delightful floral cross stitch embroidery is added.  

Crocheted Block Rug Pattern, Tufted
Crochet and Knot - A Block Fringe Rug measuring 20 x 36 inches.  

Reverse Crochet Rug Pattern, Vintage 1960s
Reverse Crochet Rug measures 24 x 36 inches and is .... just like you might expect .... Reversible.

 Braided Rug is made of yarn braids that are connected together with single crochet.  The rug measures 24 x 35 inches.    

Combine Crochet with Braid rub is just the opposite of the Braided Rug.   This one is made up of crochet panels which are combined together with a single row of crochet.  The finished rug measures 24 x 32 inches.

And last, but not least, a woven rug on firm mesh.

There's a fair variety in the book and they look like they are all in the beginner to intermediate range.  Yes, You can do these!  If I had to choose a favorite, I'd say the Crochet in the Round.   It's just so fluffy looking ... like I'd like to step out of bed onto it in the mornings.   You, do you have a favorite?

Hope you enjoyed the photo journal.    Thanks for dropping by,