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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Let's Crochet, Star Pattern Book 209, American Thread

This book from American Thread Co., Star Book 209, along with a bit of whimsy, gives us some good how-to crochet lessons and a few quite desirable patterns ... all perfect for the beginner crocheter.   The stitches are primarily single and double crochet, with a bit of afghan and popcorn stitch tossed in.    This book contains no date information, however, I'd say late 1960s.   The cover starts us right off with a bit of whimsy ...
Mens Stripe Pullover:  The pattern is sized for men 38 to 52 and does not include those extra long arms ... just the boring, but perfect, standard sleeves.  

His and His:  This combo pattern includes both the V-Neck Pullover, as well as the Cardigan.  The title implies it's Father and Son, however, the size range is 38 to 52 ... which leaves out many boys, as well as teens, for that matter.  It is a nice duo for him and a fairly easy crochet.

Looks Hard, Crochets Easy:   A nice 5 colorful afghan made up of strips of single and double crochet, along with popcorn stitch.  It measures 50 x 64 inches. 

Beginners Potholders - Always a great 'learn-how' project to give you a sense of accomplishment as well as something that you'll be able to use.  This pattern is offered as a free download in my shop. 

Tiger-Tiger (on left):  An attractive tiger stripped sweater; sized small, medium and large.. 
Mini-Square (on right):  A Geometric, sleeveless mini dress; sized small to medium and
medium to large.   Here's a great pattern to date this book to the 1960s.    This mini will still
make a fun and whimsical tunic for today.  

Bangle Jacket:  The picture does not do this simple pattern justice.  a nice jacket in single stitch with a bangle strip down the sleeves and front bands.  Sized Small, Medium and Large.

Loop Stitch Slippers:  These slippers are so easy, they almost crochet themselves.  

Vintage Crocheted Baby Set Pattern Jacket Booties Mittens Bonnet
Baby Baby:  A sweet layette set sized for little ones 6 to 12 months. 

Free Crochet Triangle Head Scarf Pattern
Bangle Loop Triangle:  I'm not sure women still wear this style of scarf, but those bangles and simplicity are sure to make a younger girls' heart sing.  Should you like to give it a go, it's available as a FREE Download in the shop. 

And, the last cover is the same as the front.    I like the book.   Every pattern is on the easy side.  The man on the cover always brings a smile and I always picture the woman thinking 'woops, sleeves are a bit long'.   I also like the Tiger-Tiger sweater, but mine would have to be Purple and Gold for the LSU Tigers Team.

I've listed  the patterns separately, as noted with links under the pictures; two are available as free downloads.     Or, if you just stopped by to enjoy this whimsical book ..... 

Thanks for dropping by (and come again soon), 

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