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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Crochet Christmas Dolls Pattern, Free Leaflet 1046, Coats Clarks

Going all the way back to 1972, Coats & Clarks issued Free Leaflet 1046 to create four little crocheted dolls.
World of Christmas Crochet Leaflet 1046, Coats Clark's

These are actually Country Themed Christmas dolls.  A being dutch, B  Japanese, C  Russian and D  Spanish.  This Free Leaflet was part of their promotion of their Knit-Cro-Sheen Mercerized Cotton threads.   I would assume the leaflet were displayed by the threads in the individual stores.

Mercerized Crochet Cotton, Knit-Cro-Sheen

Since they issued this as a Free Leaflet, I've listed in my shop as a Free Download.

If you make up these little sweeties, do drop back by and let me know how they turn out.
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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Rug Yarn Bazaar, To Crochet Knit, Coats Clarks Book 184

This booklet was put out in 1968 by Coats and Clark's to promote their O.N.T. line of Rug Yarns.   It's titled Rug Yarn Bazaar and contains 18 patterns to knit or crochet a variety of items, all, of course, which use Rug Yarn.   I suppose many of these items were typically bazaar items in the 1960's  ....  thus the title Bazaar.    Here are not only rugs, but sweaters, bags, slippers, little plaques and such.   A bit of this and that, you mightt say, with no central theme other than rug yarn.  (note: there are 18 pictures here; if you have a slow connection, hang in there and you'll get a preview of all the patterns)

Rug Yarn Bazaar, Book 184
 to Crochet and Knit // Front Cover previews 4 of the patterns

Abstract Crocheted Rug Pattern
 A-704 - Safari - A fun jungle print (be it tiger or leopard), or perhaps abstract delight, this single-crochet rug measures 26" x 38". This pattern is shown on the front cover in color. 

Vintage Crochet Rug Pattern, Doily Dream
 A-705 - Doily Dream Crochet Rug   Yes, it definitely looks like a Doily !   It measures 34" in diameter and is created with a size I crochet hook.   This pattern is shown on the front cover in color. 

Oblong Crochet Area Rug Pattern
 A-706 - Stitch Sampler Rug - This rug is full of textural appeal !  Finished, it measures 31" x 43"  It is knitted with crochet edges and made up of 7.5" x 42" strips.    You'll need a pair of No 8 knitting needles, along with a Size G crochet hook.  This pattern is shown on the front cover in color.   

 A-707 - Flower Fantasy Bundle Rug - Yarn is wound around Bundle Winder, then sewn to burlap or canvas background following a chart for design.    This pattern is shown on the front cover in color. 

A-708 - Polishing Mitt ... loops on palm of mitt make polishing a breeze !  This mitt is crocheted with a Size G hook.   You'll also need 1 bone ring.

Vintage Crocheted Wall Art, Dutch Boy Girl
 A-709 - Dutch Duo Wall Plaques - (now these you don't see every day!).  Each plaque, measuring 5.5" x 9" is crocheted with a Size H hook.   You'll also need small buttons, red felt and two bone rings.
Vintage Sports Cardigan Knitting Pattern, Mens
 A-710 - Sportsman's Special Knit Cardigan - This pattern is sized Small (38/40), Medium (42/44) and Large (46/48).    You'll need both a size 8 and 10 knitting needles, along with 6 buttons. 

Striped Shell Knitting Pattern
 A-711 - Smart Stripes Knit Shell - This pretty piece is sized 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18.   It is knitted with a pair of No 10 needles.   This pattern is shown on the back cover in color. 

Girls Vintage Cardigan Knitting Pattern
  A-712 - Little Miss Knit Cardigan - Here's a warm little cardigan for the special girl.   It's sized 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12.  You'll need both No 8 and No 10 knitting needles, along with 5 buttons.   This pattern is shown on the back cover in color.   

Family Scuff Slippers Pattern
 A-713, 714, 715 - Family Slippers .. a pair for Mom, Dad and the Kids .... or anyone else !  These slippers are all easy crochet projects.

Wide Brimmed Crochet Hat Pattern
 A-716 - Crochet Hat -  (now this you don't see everyday!). A wide brimmed hat with wide band of grosgrain ribbon.    A fun design with a bit of Ellie Clampett on it.
Crochet Placemat, Striped half moon shape
 A-717 - Half Moon Place Mat - You can crochet these simple mats in small (9.5"), Medium (10.5") or Large (11.5") long.     
Pillow Cover Crochet Pattern, Heavy Rug Yarn
 A-718 - Crochet Pillow Cover - This is a crocheted cover for an existing round pillow.    You'll need a Size G hook.

Striped Satchel Bag Crochet Pattern in Heavy Rug Yarn
 A-719 - Satchel Afghan-Stitch Bag - The dimensions for this afghan crochet satchel are not stated.  It is created with a Size I Afghan Hook.
Knitted Cable Bag Pouch Pattern
 A-720 - Mail Pouch Knit Tote Bag - This cute little cabled bag measures 13" x 15" (excluding gussets), and would be a great size to carry or store extra stuff.   It is knitted with 1 pair No 10 needles.   You'll also need white plastic rings and felt.  This pattern is shown on the back cover in color.
Vintage Crochet Smocked Pillows Pattern

 A-721 - Smocking-Knit Pillow Cover - This pattern gives instructions to cover a 16" pillow.  You'll need 1 pair of No 10 knitting needles and a milwards rug needle for tufting.   This pattern is shown on the back cover in color. 
The end ... or, in other words, the back cover 

A number of the patterns in this book are available in my shop, as noted by the links under the pillow.   Although it is small, I think the Knit Pouch is one of my favorites.   It would be so perfect to hold all those small items.

One more book done, many more to follow !   Thanks for dropping by,

Friday, May 27, 2011

Pineapple Pageant Doilies Pattern, Clarks Coats Book 252

Here we go, all the way back to 1948 ... The Spool Cotton Company, under the name of Clark's,  J&P Coats, brought us Pineapple Pageant, Book 252.   This book brings us a delightful array of vintage (literally) pineapple doilies.   There are 12 patterns in total and, just like the title would lead you to believe .... they are pineapple doilies.   If you are one of the many pineapple motif fans, you should enjoy looking at these.  Here, let me show you !

Pineapple Pageant, Book No 252
The front cover previews D-127, shooting star  -- see below, as I've obviously
scanned the back cover twice. 

 D-127 - Shooting Star - 11" x 16" - This doily, made in two circular sections features five point star surrounded by pineapples and the wide row of ruffles. 

 D-125 - Sundial - 13" in diameter is in a sundial design with pineapple themed hands (of time). 

  D-126 - Cornfield - 14.5" in diameter.  I'm not sure where the Cornfield comes into play for the title, but it certainly does have plenty attractive pineapples.

 D-118 - Whirlwind created using pineapple motif measures 12 inches square.  Add to the the deep ruffled doily for a real winner.
D-117 - Palm Fronds - 12.5" in diameter - waving in the air (around the linen center) just as pineapple fronds might. 

 D-115 - Cloverleaf - 11" across center from point to point.  Here you have pineapple motifs 
within the four leaf clover. 

D-123 - Kingfisher's Nest - 10" in diameter.  I'll admit that I'm taking 'their' word on whether or not this resembles a kingfisher nest, as I don't know what they look like, but the pineapples here are lovely and the mesh is ample. 
 D-119 - Thistledown - 15" in diameter, including the tall and proud roll of ruffles. 

 D-121 - Flower Patch - 14" square has four flowers with pineapple petals and a deep lacy
ruffle all the way around. 

 D-124 - Ruffle Cascade - 21" in diameter.   Look close, in addition to the pineapples there 
is actually an inner ruffle as well. 

 D-120 - Pineapple Trellis - This small, 8.5" square, doily is quite elegant with the
single pineapple flower on a mesh trellis and simple ruffle. 

 D-116 - Sunburst - 11.5" in diameter.   Did I hear a WOW?   Doily is sun shaped, with
12 counted pineapples to mark the times of day. 
D-122 -  Flowering Pine, graces the back cover.  At 13 inches, we have a pineapple flower center with loose pineapple petals in the corners, along with scallops and mesh.  Note:  This pattern, as published contains error and is not workable.

I've reformated these doilies to PDF format and they are available in my shop - just follow the links below the pictures.     This is quite a time consuming task, and I spend a lot of time with each book.   Going through this one, I kept coming up with two consistent thoughts .... besides absolutely lovely, of course.

1) - D119 - Thistledown:  I can't find an identifiable pineapple here.  Perhaps a skinny bottom, but certainly not a complete pineapple.   It's a lovely doily, yes ... pineapple, no.
2) - D123 / Kingfisher Nest.   I was not sure what a Kingfisher nest was supposed to look like, so I did a couple image searches, and - not even close.

I have little crochet skills, so I cannot much comment much past this on these pieces.   All I know is they are exquisite.  I'd think if you can make these, you must be truly talented and patient.  (That's assuming they are difficult with all those tiny stitches!).

The only thing I do know about these, is when I was a girl, once in awhile my mother would make me dust.   And, when I'd lift up on of her doilies, the pattern would be outlined in the dust; the negative you might say.  (I suppose she should have made me dust more often !).    Anyway, they are lovely.

Thanks for dropping by,

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pennsylvania Dutch Afghan Free Knitting Pattern

This Pennsylvania Dutch Knitted Afghan (shown on the left)  is from American Thread Dawn Book 181 - Afghans and Pillows.     It's a lovely afghan that builds upon the classic Pennsylvania Dutch with a central motif leaf design.   This is surrounded by varying borders.   It is knit in strips that are joined together to from the 54 x 72 inch afghan.   It has a medium length row of fringe all the way around

Although worked in just one color, the texture and dimension here give it a tone on tone feel.    If you'd like to give it a try, I've listed in as a Free Download in my shop.

Happy Knitting, and thanks for dropping by,

Afghans Pillows Knit Crochet American Thread Dawn Book 181

This pattern book, American Thread Dawn Book 181 - Afghans and Pillows, has a really great Peacock pattern.   Of course, there are other really nice afghans (and pillows) as well. 

This book was put out by American Thread Company in the mid 1960s (my guess).  It was intended to be promotional material for their Dawn Yarn Line.  Of course, you can use other yarns.  Do they still even make Dawn Yarns?
Knitted Peacock Afghan Pattern, Vintage 1960s
 The Peacock - Embroidered Afghan Stitch This afghan is a beauty !  Three panels in afghan stitch, a marvelous scalloped edging and The Peacock embroidered.  What more could you want?   The afghan measures 50 x 70 inches. 

Hairpin Lace Crocheted Afghan Pattern
 Blue and White (on left).  This lovely afghan is a combination of hairpin lace and crochet - it measures 54" x 76" when complete.  
Purple and Blue Popcorn Squares (on right):  This subtly colorful afghan is crocheted with a No 10 wooden hook and measures 49" x 65".

Loop Stitch Ripple Afghan Crochet Pattern
 Loop Stitch Ripples (on left):  This delightfully textured ripple piece is crocheted and has a matching pillow.  To complete, you'll need an aluminum size J crochet hook, along with lining and filling for the pillow.   The finished piece measures 42" x 70".   
Solid Crochet Ripples (on right):  This is a colorful ripple ... make it up to match any decor.   The finished piece is 42" x 60" and requires a size J plastic hook.   

 Granny Afghan Pillow:  This is the matching pillow to the Granny Afghan shown below.  

Crocheted Ripple Pillow:  This is the corresponding pillow to the Ripple Pattern show above.  

Hexagon Crochet Afghan Pattern
 Knitted Ripple Afghan & Pillow (on left):  Finally, a ripple knitting pattern !  This one, in five colors, is 44 x 63 inches and has a matching pillow. 
Crocheted Hexagon (on right):  This lovely afghan sports a great hexagon block that has a floral motif and border worked in popcorn stitching.  It measures 48 x 80 inches, before the short fringe is added

Crocheted Ripple and Pillow (on left):  This extra special ripple has an overleaf design, adding great dimension to the design.
Crocheted Flowers and Squares (on right) This afghan sports a floral motif every other block and can be made up to match any decor.   It is 54" x 66" and is made with a Size H crochet hook. 

  Pennsylvania Dutch Knitted Afghan (on left):   This solid color beauty is full of pattern and textures as well as sports fringe all the way around.   It is knitted with size 8 needles and measures 54" x 72" when completed.   This pattern is available as a Free Download.
  Crocheted Granny Afghan: (on right)  This lovely (matching pillow above) is a classic and colorful Granny.   It measures 45" x 72" and is made with a size H plastic hook.

Loop Stitch Granny (on left):  This medium sized Granny afghan is large on detail.   the finished piece is 55" x 65" and is made with a size H plastic crochet hook.   
Knitted Block with crochet detail (on right):   Simple and lovely describes this afghan.   It measures 48" x 60" completed and is made with a size 8 pair of knitting needles and a size H plastic crochet hook.    Notice the little pillow in the corner.   Make one up for each color to hang out on the couch. 

The booklet gives us a nice selection of afghans, particularly heavy on the ripples, which will certainly be welcomed by all of you ripple lovers.    The Peacock is exquisite, of course, and I particularly like the Purple and Blue Popcorns.    I've restored all these patterns as individual PDF patterns (links below pictures) and they are available in my shop, should you be interested.

So, what do you think?   Has American Thread done it again ... creating an array of attractive and challenging afghans? 

Thanks for dropping by,

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mens Knitting Pullover Sweater, Free Pattern, Coats & Clark B-657

I just finished working my way through Coats and Clarks Book 185 -  detailed in a blog post here at Todays Treasure Shop Talk.      Whenever I list a PDF booklet in my shop, I like to offer a pattern or two as a freebee.   In this case, I've selected one for the men in our lives ....

Mens Two Skein Knit Vest Pattern
Now, isn't this a handsome young man !   He reminds me a bit of Wally on The Leave It To Beaver show .... popular back in the same time frame as this pattern - late 1960s.  But, I'm getting sidetracked there.

I've reworked this pattern, transferred to PDF format and listed in my shop, on a free basis.   If you'd like to stitch up one (or two) for the men (young or old) in your life, stop on by for the free download.

The Design is :  B-657 - Mens Pullover Sweater.  This one is sized 40 - 44 and requires 3 skeins of yarn and both size 6 and 9 knitting needles.  

 Thanks for dropping by,

Quick Fashions Knit Crochet Patterns, Coats Clarks Book 185

Coat's & Clark's Book No 185, Quick Fashions, is all about garments you can create using only 2 or 3 skeins of yarn.    This booklet was issued in 1968 as promotion material for their Red Heart yarns.    So, of course, these patterns are calling from Red Heart brands, however, feel free to substitute within your knowledge.
Quick Fashion, Book 185
 All of the patterns within the book are shown in black and white, with only the front and back covers in color.   This cover previews three of the patterns below.   

Knitted Petal Cardigan Pattern from Coats & Clarks
 Petal Cardigan (B655) This sweater, with the feminine petal pattern has three quarter sleeves and is waist length.   A two skein cardigan sized 10 - 18.   This pattern is shown in color on the front cover.    (Don't you love her hair!).

Knitted Lace Shell with Two Skeins Yarn
 Lacy Shell (B-656):  This shell is hip length and requires a minimum amount of shaping.The pattern is sized 10 - 18.   It is created with two skeins of 4 ply yarn and No 13 knitting needles.  This pattern is shown in color on the front cover.

Two Skein Knitted Cardigan Pattern with Short Sleeves
 Knit Cardigan (B657):  This short sleeved sweater / cardigan is front buttoned (you'll need 5), with a round neckline and hip length.   It is created with two skeins of yarn and circular needles, size 13.  This pattern, sized 10 - 18,  is shown in color on the front cover.

 Knit Jacket (B658):  This jacket with top button closure and elbow length sleeves, is worked from the top down.    It is sized 10 - 18 and requires two skeins of yarn and circular needle No 13.    (Don't forget to notice her great flip).  This pattern is shown in color on the back cover.

Beginners Pullover Knit Sweater Pattern, three skeins
 Knit Sweater (B659):  This pretty pullover sweater features a boat neckline and short sleeves.   It calls for three skeins of yarns and 1 pair of No. 10 knitting needles.    It is sized 10 - 16.

Knitted Top Shell Pattern, Beginners Pattern

 Crochet Shell (B660):  This pretty top features clusters from the shell pattern.   It calls for three skeins of yarn and a Size G crochet hook.  It is sized 12 - 18.   This pattern is shown in color on the back cover.

Short Sleeve Crochet Cardigan Pattern, Beginners
 Crochet Cardigan (B661):  This is a loose fitting, comfy sweater using both single and double crochet stitches.  It is sized 10 - 18 and requires three skeins of yarn and both a Size F and K crochet hook, along with 8 buttons.

Cardigan Knitting Pattern in Diamond Stitch, Vintage 1960s
 Knit Jacket (B662):   This is a nicely patterned sweater, featuring extended shoulders and three quarter length sleeves.   It is worked from the neck down and calls for three skeins of yarn and No 10.5 knitting needles.   It is sized 12 - 16.

Crocheted Short Cardigan Pattern, Beginners Design
 Crochet Cardigan (B663) This short, waist length, cardigan features an attractive pattern, round neckline, front buttoned and elbow length sleeves.    It is sized 10 - 18.   You'll need 6 buttons and three skeins of yarn.  Note:  This pattern is worked from the side to center. 

Free Mans Knitting Pattern Sleeveless Pullover
 Mens Knit Pullover (B664):   Now, every book needs at least one pattern for him; and this one is it !   This pullover vest sweater features a v-neck and a simple pattern stitch.   It is sized 40 - 44.   You'll need three skeins of yarn and both a pair of No. 6 and No 8 knitting needles.
 This pattern is listed as Free in my shop.

Short Sleeve Crocheted Top Pattern, Raglan Sleeves
 Crochet Blouse (B665) This blouse, with extended short sleeves, is worked from the neck down with a size I crochet hook and three skeins of yarn.   It is sized 10 - 16.   This pattern is shown in color on the back cover.

 Knit Jacket (B666):   The pretty cable design on this jacket adds great textural interest.    It is sized Small (10), Medium (12/14) and Large (16/18) and calls for three skein of yarn and either No. 6, 8, or 10 knitting needles (depending upon size). 

 Knit Pea Cap and Wrist Warmers (B667):  Every book seems to include some kind of cap; adding in the wrist warmers here is a nice (warm) touch.  This pattern is worked with No. 8 knitting needles. 

And, just as expected, the back cover shows three of the patterns above. 

The booklet contains a rather equal amount of knit and crochet patterns; none of which are combos.   Most look like they would be good beginner to intermediate patterns.

A fair number of these patterns are listed in my shop on an individual basis; you'll find the links under the pictures.  The mans pullover is listed as a Free Download.

Hope you enjoyed the picture show.   I'll continue to work at getting my collection of knitting and crochet books posted here to the blog ... well, only those in the public domain.

Thanks for dropping by,