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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New Stoles and Cover-ups to Knit and Crochet

Let's go back to 1952.  The war is over, Harry S Truman is president, Winter Olympics were held in Oslo, the Honeymooners debut on TV and the average cost of a new car was $1700.    And while all this prosperity was happening, ladies (and some gents) continued with their knitting needles (just like in war-times) to create marvelous items for themselves.

 To keep those needles clicking, and yarn sales in action, Bernhard Ullman continues to publish several pattern books.  One of which is New Stoles and Cover-ups -- To Knit and Crochet.   It's volume 27, and sold for 20 cents (the same as a tank of gas).

Crocheted Stole Pattern with extra long fringe
No 650 - Crocheted Stole is attractively stitched in two complimentary colors graces the front cover.  

Shawl or Stole Knitting and Crochet Pattern
No 649 - Knitted Stole (on left) in thick and thin yarn
No 646 - Hairpin Lace Stole (on right) is made in strips on a 3 inch loom and highlighted with metallic thread.

Shrug Stole Shawl Knitting Patterns in Jumbo Yarn
No 655 Knitted Shrug (middle top) with three quarter sleeves and ribbed banding.
No 647 - Old Fashioned Feather Fan Pattern Stitch with long fringed ends.
No 652 - Triangle Shawl knit in jumbo yarns.

Big Needle Knitted Stole Pattern
No 653 - Ribbed Stole dotted with Pearls measures 20 x 68 inches.
No 648 - Quick Knit Stole in Jumbo Yarn or Knitting Worsted

No 651 - Evening Camisole and Cover-up (center top); perfect evening attire. 
No 645 - Crazy Daisy Stole is crocheted with 365 crazy daisies. 
No 644 - Crocheted Triangle Stole with randomly placed sequins

Crocheted Shawl in Angora Yarn
No 654 - Angora Cape Stole - wraps you like luxury itself.

And that's it.  Twelve patterns in all; 8 knitted and 4 crochet.  Stoles and Cover-ups were coveted accessories in this time period, and Bernhard did a very job indeed.   

These patterns are listed in my shop individually, should you be interested.   Either way, I hope that you enjoyed the photo journal of this vintage book. 

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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Bucilla Hand Crocheted Bedspreads, Book 136

This is a short and sweet little pattern book - Book 136, Old Favorites, Bucilla Hand Crocheted Bedspreads.    The pattern book was issued in 1940 by Bernhard Ullman.   By short I mean the book contains just 6 patterns.   But, it must be said that all 6 are quite interesting, perhaps even dazzling for a crocheted bedspread.
Water Lily Block Motif Bedspread Pattern
No 553 - Water Lily Bedspread made of 13 1/2 inch hexagon motifs that have a central water lily; surrounded by rows of tall popcorns and finished with extra long fringe.

No 554 - Pastel Bedspread has blocks measuring 6 inches between points with lovely pastel shades in the center).  The pointed ends are finished in long fringe.

No 552 - Popcorn Square is made up from 14 1/2 inch blocks to size of your choice.  When joined, the square form an 8 point star motif.

No 550 Diamond Popcorn Bedspread features 9 1/4 inch hexagon blocks with a strong diamond flair in popcorn stitches.

No 414 Swedish Popcorn  - The individual block motifs form an attractive Swedish flower design when joined.

And, that all 5 of the designs.   The design motif here is quite clear, with all but the Pastel Bedspread being worked in popcorn stitch.  I'd think that two of these spreads, the Pastel Bedspread and the Swedish Popcorn might be equally wonderful as an afghan.  

I've listed these patterns individually in my shop (links below the picture) should you be interested in stitching one for yourself.   Either way, hope you enjoyed the photo journal, and thanks for dropping by.