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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bernat Fashions in Venetian Yarn, Book 92

Some pattern books that I process contain more surprises than others .... like this one.   Yesterday, I picked up the book from the 'patiently waiting' stack, warmed up the scanner and carefully put through each page.   Then, later in the evening started the process .... which requires restoring the pictures in Photoshop, converting the patterns themselves to a text document, where I can then proof and format back to a PDF document and pictures for the shop.    It went like this ....

Bernat Book 92 - Bernat Fashions in Venetian Yarn, Published in 1960.
 Style No 137-92, is featured on the front cover.  Knitting this design will be, by the minute, the creating of a fashion favorite. Bold checked pattern stitch, contrast band and large shawl collar.

On the inside cover is a most amusing depiction of Bernat .... a master dyer.    Now, just like the title of the book implies, the patterns in the book are made in Venetian Yarn.
This yarn, now discontinued (as you might expect for 54 years), is 100% wool, is 1-oz weight with 75 yards per skein.   The book indicates that Nylo Germantown may be substituted.   This is also discontinued, but it is a 50% wool, 50% Nylon, 2 oz weight at 150 yards per skein.

Bernat Short Sleeve Knitted Dress Pattern
Style No 1680-92, a form fitting knitted dress with a noteworthy pattern stitch, collar and dolman elbow length sleeves.

Style No 136-92, a loose fitting knit jacket that one could have not choice but to make it a wardrobe favorite. 

Are you liking how Bernat fancied up the whole pattern design with the gilded frames?   (as if these designs needed fancied!)

And here, with this lovely three piece knitted dress is was my surprise began ... the pattern text said 'continued from page 7'.   I flipped back to Page 7 to see how I'd missed something and ... well .. there was no page 7.   While scanning I never noticed that pages 7 to 10 were missing.  
So, for this design, and at least two other ... I have no record.   And, because the designs are here so fabulous, that's a real shame !  This pattern graces the back cover.

Red White Knitted Jackets Pattern

Style No 148-92 and 149-92, give us one jacket with two design options -- collarless with open front, or notched collar and button band.   
Wonder why Bernat didn't put these beauties in a gilded frame?

Bernat Two Piece Suit Pattern

Style 1684-92 graces the back cover.  The skirt is rather standard fair, but oh what a knitted jacket it is !

And, with the posting of the last pattern, the book is finished.   Well ... at least until I happen across another copy of the book and get the opportunity to fill in the gap of pages 7 to 10.  

Hope you enjoyed the journey.    Thanks for dropping by,  

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Jesus Crucifixion in Filet Crochet Pattern

Almost every day I go into my 'pending bin' of Mail Order patterns and randomly pull out one or two to process for the shop.   Today, as timing would have it, I pulled out Alice Brooks 7447 ... right before Easter.

This is Alice Brooks 7447, Crocheted Panel and Edging.  I spent a fair amount of time searching for timeline, but, interestingly enough didn't find any tracks.  Judging from the paper and print, I'd would estimate as mid to late 1940s.    

I did find, however, the pattern under a different identifier -- 

Filet Crochet Crucifixion Advertisement for Laura wheeler 2385

Laura Wheeler 2385 was issued in 1939 as a Reader Mail Limited Design.   

So, it was first marketed as Laura Wheeler 2385 in 1939 and then re-released as Alice Brooks 7447 in the late 1940s.   It's a splendid design, which I'm surprised was not released or duplicated in some aspect more frequently.  

Oh, as a sidenote, I frequently say 'based on paper and print'.   Where do I get this?  The late 1930s and 1940's were the war time era.   Paper sizes were very small with tiny print ... keeping publishing and mailing costs as low as possible.   Going into the 1950's, both the paper size (remember these are large fold out one page patterns), and print became larger.   

I've listed the Alice Brooks 7447 in my shop, should you be interested.   The charts are very readable in 8-1/2 x 11 inch sizing.  

Thanks for dropping by,