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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Knit a Dress in your Favorite Team Colors

I came across this pattern in a a vintage 1960s issue of Todays Woman and instantly liked it !

Okay, I like both the picture as well as the dress.    I don't know what it was about the early 1960s, however a variety of these patterns were taken with ceramic or stuffed animals in a variety of poses.   It almost looks like to could be from American Threads, or Coats and Clarks ... they had some exotic animal spreads.   BUT ... regardless, the picture is fun enough to bring a smile (or two), and the dress is quite great as well.

Now, here is Southeast Louisiana, the colors would have to be Purple as the MC and Gold as the CC.  But, there's also Tigers at UMO, and Auburn and Clemson and I'm sure hundreds more at the High School level.   And, although the there's a tiger ... this dress could go pro as well ... Football, Basketball, Baseball  ...   Well, you've probably got the idea.

A knitting pattern - square neckline, short sleeves and those glorious stripes.   GO TEAM GO.   Or, as we would say here in Southeast Louisiana --- Geaux Tigers; and a dress to knit up before you geaux see them !

I've listed it in my shop, should you be interested.  

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