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Friday, May 10, 2013

Crochet Hot Mit Potholder Pattern, Meet Handy Andy

We all know that the old issues of The Workbasket are historical for their lousy pictures.   They were lousy way back then and they, of course, have not approved with age.   But, some of them are just so fun that we must look beneath the grain to see the prize.     Like this one from 1956.

Vintage Mans Face Crocheted Oven Mitt Pattern
Meet Handy Andy.   He's has an extra long face and a really thick neck, which are nicely matched in size by those big ears.   

And then, using an included chart (or branching out on your own) and some felt, you create his facial features.  

This would be a fun project to work with your grade school sized kids.  You crochet, they help decorate !  

If you'd like to make a Handy Andy of your own, he is available as a Free Download in the shop.   There are also a fair number of other potholders in the shop as well  (some free, some not).

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