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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Hand Knits for Men, Spinnerin Volume 141

I was scanning a few booklets, when I came to this Spinnerin Men's Book.  To the head of the stack it immediately went.   Men's patterns, in comparison to women's is so minor that they deserve to be handled first.    So, for my 'next up' book review ....

Spinnerin 141 - Hand Knits for Men was issued in 1957.  Frequently pattern books are issued for a specific brand of yarn as a promotion.   In the case of this pattern book, however, it appears Spinnerin featured a number of their different yarns.   Perhaps their 'most popular' yarns for the time period.

Style No 4046 - V-Neck Cardigan graces the front cover.

Style No 4033 - Sleeveless Cardigan Pattern, V-Neck and slightly below waist length 
Style No 4035 - Sleeveless pullover (on right) features narrow stripes in two colors with contrast bands and trim.
Style No 4031 - Mans Sleeveless Pullover in two tones of Nylane Fingering Yarn, with contrast trim.
Style No 4045 - Mans Cabled Pullover pattern has a defining touch of 'just a bit' of contrast color trim on the V-neck.
Style No 4063 Mans Pullover with patterned yoke features cable and pebble stitches.

No 4036 - Mans Raglan Sleeved Pullover with ribbed edges.   A casual design perfect for every (winter day) wear.

No 4030 - Mans Sleeveless Pullover Pattern is hip length, v-neck and contrast color bands.

Style 4041 (on left), mans sleeveless pullover with tri-cable bands.
Style 4048 (on right), a different variation of the sleeveless pullover, in an easy basketweave type stitch.

Style No 4042 - Mans Pullover Vest Pattern, below hip length in easy pattern stitch.

Style No 4043 - Mans knitted vest with slot pockets, lowered v-neck, below waist length.

Style No 4044 - Mans two tone checked sweater with contrast sleeves and ribbed bands.

Style No 4028 - Pullover features extended shoulders and a grand buttoned yoke collar.

Basic Mens Sweater include sleeveless, crew neck and raglan sleeve options with or without turtleneck. 

Two pairs of mans basic knitted socks.

Style No 4013 (on left)  and 4047 (on right) - mens patterned pullovers.  (Not processed as the charts had been scribbled all over).  

And, gracing the back cover, Style No 4029, Mans Pullover (with an interesting wavy ribbed pattern stitch).  

All of the patterns are written for size small (36-38), with changes for medium (40-42) and large (44-46).   There are nice designs in this book, albeit some a little short for todays' fashions.   Perhaps you have the skills to lengthen.     The materials referenced in the book, of course are outdated (Spinnerin no longer in business), however finding substitutes should not be too difficult. 

Hope you enjoyed the book review.   
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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Crocheted Medallion Pattern by Alice Brooks

For this post, let's go back 81 years ... all the way to July, 1936.  In newspapers across the country, Alice Brooks Needlework Design pattern 5560 was offered. 
It's a mail-order design.   Just "write plainly pattern number, your name and address, along with 15 cents.   And then, several weeks later, your pattern arrives in the mail.  

Each lovely lacy square medallion measures 5 inches.   -- "the best bedspread, the dressers matching scarf.   You'll have reason indeed to be proud of this lacy pair, to say nothing of a tea or dinner cloth, buffet or vanity set, which grow little by little as you crochet a simple medallion".  

Alice Brooks 5560 arrives and is a large (20 x 30") sheet of paper and includes stitch detail diagrams to assist you in the design.  

This is just one of the many Mail Order Medallions for this time period.   My search will continue to find more to add to my collection.    

If you'd like to see more squares or medallions, there are plenty in the shop.  If you are trying to find a specific design, you might want to try the bedspread or tablecloth categories as well.  

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Saturday, November 4, 2017

Lily Mills Book 1300, 42 Crochet Patterns

I've been so busy transferring the shop from Todays Treasure to Vintage Knit Crochet that I haven't taken much time to process patterns since June.    But the transfer is close to complete, and I'm going to relax a bit and resume processing a couple patterns each day.    I went to the 'pending cabinet' and out came ....

Lily Mills Book 1300  - Crochet - 42 Items of Beauty and Lasting Quality. 
Illustrated ... Explicit Instructions 

I've had this book in my collection for several years.  I recall when I first received it receiving a good chuckle from the "Illustrated Explicit Instructions'.

This pattern book takes us back to 1945.   It's a bit of a 'no-frills' muted black and white book, as would be typical for being in the middle of WWII.  Surprisingly enough, there are no WWII war bond advertisements.    The book offers us a bit of this and that ... something for everyone, and then a little more.   I'm not going to add all 42; in fact I processed just 20, but even that's just too much of a blog post, put I'll put in a few and supply a link to see the rest.    Ready?   Here we go.

Hit Parade - Baby Set No 1:   This easy knitted baby set includes a jacket, bonnet and sweet little socks.  I like the addition of the socks, versus the typical booties.

Baby Talk :   This little set includes a baby bonnet and matching mitts.  Both are ribbon laced and sized for baby at 3 - 6 months
This Crochet Flower Picture is an unusual piece.   The flowers and separately crocheted and then tacked in place to fabric covered cardboard and framed.   Perhaps an extension of crewel work that was so popular in this time period.    I've not processed this pattern, but if you just 'must' have it, let me know.  

Doily Set - Place Mat and Glass Doily - This graceful mat set is certainly out of the ordinary.  Flower petals and leaves surround a linen center.  
Darned Filet Centerpiece, 14 x 24 inches, in the marvelous rose scroll motif and be worked in Filet Crochet as well.  

Handbags and Coin Purses are billed as a Mother Daughter set ... perfectly sized for each, and a quite easy pattern.  

Fascinator Head Scarf ... as 1940's as it gets!  The flowers on this design are crocheted separately and sewn in place.  

Gay Espardilles - Crocheted House Slippers and attached to cork bases.   They are sized to fit and do indeed look comfortable, as well as fashionable (with those ankle ties). 

This cute piece is a hat shaped pincushion with lattice edge and ribbon ties.  In the 1940's, pincushions were for hat pins as well.   

This pattern book was issued as a promotion for Lily Sil-tone Mercerized Crochet Cotton and Lily Pearl Cotton.   All of the patterns call for these threads.  

There are a few other beauties in this book, if you'd care to take a look.  The patterns I did not process were primarily edgings and insignificant bits (like the hat pin heads pictured above) .... that's how they go all the way to 42!.  

Hope you enjoyed the pattern book review. 
Thanks for dropping by. 

Friday, October 6, 2017

Smart Stoles to Knit and Crochet

I'm taking a short break from fine-tuning the shop to work a few leaflets.

Coats Clarks Leaflet W-547 Smart Stoles

Here we have three pretty stoles, The middle in knitted, the beauty of the left is a combination of knit/crochet and the one on the right is crocheted.   It was when I turned the leaflet to the backside and saw the pattern titles  -- Judy C-154, Deborah C-155 and Donna C-156 that I realized I'd seen this line-up before.

A quick browse around quickly identified it  ... the models and the naming conventions line up with Coats and Clark's Book 296  -  Festive Stoles and Blouses.     In this booklet, the pattern numbers start up with No C-157.

This leaflet / book combination is just a bit out of the norm.  Most often, pattern leaflets carry the same number designation as the corresponding book.  And .. the leaflet pattern is typically a design from the book itself. 

I wonder, if perhaps, this Leaflet W-547 was positioned near the Pattern Book 296 as a promotion. 
A question I'll never know the answer too (this is vintage 1952 ... older than me).   Perhaps one of you know.

Thanks for dropping by.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Crochet Pillow Options Include Doilies

Don't forget that doilies also make marvelous pillows for a room that is on the feminine side.  There are an almost endless array of motifs, and sizes as well.

This lovely pineapple pillow was created from a centerpiece doily created from National Needlecraft Leaflet A-126; all the way back to 1939.  
This Enchantment Doily is also a centerpiece at 19-1/2 inches. Combine it with a dark, or brightly colored fabric and it would become a marvelous couch accent.  

This Dainty Doily, at 26 inches,  is complex and eye catching!  The official "Dainty Doily name" seems a bit misplaced!

Now, the pillow doesn't have to be round ... this beauty of a medallion pattern to create the Dew Drop Doily Mat can be created at sizes of your choice and also has the WOW factor.  
This pattern is available as a Free Download.

Choose your doily pattern based on pillow size if you are using purchased pillow stock, or create a customized size with Poly-Fill.  The doily is stitched to the pillow top.   If you'd like, you could also use 'Wonder-Under to further secure your fiber art to the fabric. 

There's a ton of crochet doilies, as  well as crochet squares/medallions in the shop, should you care to browse.

Thanks for dropping by,

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Crochet Pineapple Doily Patterns, A Category of Their Own

I was browsing around in the Doilies category looking for a specific pattern, when it dawned on me that there were 34 pages (18 patterns per page). Now, that's quite a bit to weed through when looking for something specific. Which got me to thinking that it might also be quite a chore for the customer. So, it called for breaking the patterns into two categories. It didn't take long to decide the dividing point would be pineapples. There are a Huge number of Pineapple Doilies.

How many ... well, at this point in time, 395. There quite a bit of variety going on:

Some are quite simple, like this pretty Cloverleaf doily from Coats & Clarks

And some are downright elegant like this Mail Order 5186 Masterpiece - Thank you Anne Cabot

And you might classify a few as discrete as in this Sea Spray Ruffled Doily.

Not many, but there's a couple that you could call colorful, like this Pineapple delight doily from Lily Mills.  Of course, with planning, any doily could be crocheted 'colorful'.

Well, I could go on and one here. You know, large, medium, small, scalloped, etc. etc. etc., but I'm sure you've got the point.

So, if you are looking for a specific Pineapple Doily, or just love to look at these gems, feel free to drop by the new category ..

Thanks for dropping by, 

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Vintage Crocheted Trim Handout

Tucked away in the 1965 issue of McCalls Needlecraft is a handout for crocheted trim. The handout, of course, was intended to inspire additional ways to decorate a couple of the jacket patterns that were in the magazine. The trims, however, could be used in a number of ways ... dresses, bags, pillows, hats, hair pieces, etc. etc. etc.
Really, your imagination is on the only limiting factor on what you could do with these ideas.
I initially had attached the handout to the jacket patterns that were listed in the shop, however, thought perhaps I'd post it here as well ...
12 two- hole buttons, 1 3/8" diameter. Fingering yarn, 1 oz.
POMPO(make 12): Cut a strip of cardboard 3/4" wide. Wind double strand of yarn 50 times around strip. Draw double strand under windings. Knot ends, pulling windings together tightly. Cut strands opposite knot. Cut tying strands, leaving 6" ends. Trim pompon to 3/4". Pull 6" ends through holes of button, knot ends at back. Tie to jacket, spacing as shown.
POMPONS FOR SLEEVESMATERIALSKnitting worsted, 1 oz. POMPON (make 24): Cut two 1 1/2" cardboard disks; cut 1/4" hole in center of each. Thread yarn needle with 3 yardsof yarn; bring ends together. Place disks together; wind double strand around disks, working through holes. Slip scissors between disks; cut strands at outside edge.
Draw 8" strand of yarn between disks, wind several times tightly around yarn, Knot, leaving ends. Remove disks. Fluff
out pompon; trim. Tie pompons along outer sleeve seam, spacing evenly.
Fingering yarn, 2 ozs. POMPO(make 14): Cut two 2" cardboard disks; cut 1/2" hole in center of each. Thread yarn needle with 2 strands of
yarn each 5 yards long; bring 4 ends together. Placedisks together: wind yarn around one side of disks. Repeat with same amount of yarn on other side. Slip scissors between disks; cut all strands at outside edge. Draw two 10" strands of yarn down between disks and wind several times tightly around yarn. Knot, leaving ends for tying on pompon. Remove disks. Fluff out pompon, trim ends evenly. Tie pompons along bottom edge of jacket, spacing evenly.
FLOWER YOKE MATERIALS: Fingering yarn, 1 oz. 42 pearl beads. Steel crochet hook No.2.
FLOWER (make 42): Ch 4, sl st in first ch to form ring.
Rnd 1* Ch 2, 3 stin ring, sc in ring, repeat from * 3 times- 4 petals. 51 st in first ch at beg of rnd. End off. Weave in yarn ends. .
FINISHINGArrange 11 flowers around neckline. Sew to jacket with pearl at center. Sew on 14 flowers for 2nd row of yoke, 2" below first row. Make 3 rd row of 17 flowers 2" below 2nd row.
MATERIALSFingering yarn, 2 ozs. TASSEL (make 12): Cut a piece of cardboard 4" square. Wind double strand of yarn 45 times around cardboard. Tie tightly around windings at one edge with double strand of yarn. Knot securely. Cut strands opposite knot. Wind a strand of
yarn several times around tassel 1" below top; knot ends; hide ends inside tassel. Trim ends of tassel. Tie tassels around neck of jacket, spacing evenly.
MATERIALSFingering yarn, 1 oz. each of rose- red and green; few yards of pink. Steel crochet hook No. O 1/8yard
organdy. Sharp yarn needle.
LEAVE(make 18): With green, ch 3.
Row 1 : Work 7 tr in 3rd eh from hook. Ch 2, turn.
Row 22 dcin each tr across, 2 dc along side of last tr. End off.
BLOSSOM(make 48): With red, * ch 4. Dc in 2nd ch from hook and in each of 2 ch, sl st in last ch (base of petal). Repeat from * 3 times-4 petals. Slst in base of first petal. End off.
FINISHINGCut six 2" circles of organdy. Arrange. 3 leaves in cloverleaf pattern on each circle: tack. Arrange 8 blossoms over leaves. With pink, attach each blossom with 3 to 5 French knots.
Sew 3 clusters to each front of jacket.
If you create some of these, I'd love to hear back from you (pictures always welcome!) as to how you used them.
Thanks for dropping by,