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Monday, November 11, 2013

Vintage Crochet Tablecloth Patterns, Book 185 from Spool Cotton

Crocheted tablecloths were apparently quite popular in the early 1940s.    In my limited collection I have around 10 books which were all 1940 through 1944.   One of which is the Spool Cotton Co. Book No 185.   This was an ambitious book with 18 outstanding patterns.  I have no doubt that many of these beauties did become the heirlooms they proclaimed; not to mention the following generations that continue to work the designs  

For your viewing pleasure, here's a photo journal of all the patterns and their descriptions.

Vintage Crochet Tablecloth Pattern Book No 185
Book No 185; New Table Topics

No 7530 Summer Snowflake - Airily enmeshed in filmy festoons, the snowflake motif asserts its crisp beauty.

No 7584 Iris Arrangement:  Each pattern square captures the fabled beauty of a stylized quartet or iris, in the perfection of shadow filet.   

No 7526 Page Polka Dots - Myriads of solid white circles polka dot this cloth ... each petelled in colour .. a two-colour idea to please smart moderns.

No 7533 Sunburst Splendour:  Win applause by making this beauty .. the sunburst splendour of its design filmy against a solid background.

No 7558 Spinning Wheel : Delicate strands spin their gossamer way around the spokes .. the clustered edging is enchanting. 

No 7588 Spring Fantasy, a floral lace luncheon set with runner, placemats and lace corners for linen napkins.

No 7587 Country Cousins:  Gay and carefree .. for informal meals ... this Luncheon Set will be a joy to own in your two favorite colours. 

No 7554 Good Companions:  Crisp little doilies set the pace for fastidious service .. a hostess Must.

No 7486 Memory Lane - The glory that is Irish crochet ... displayed in all its elegance in this lovely design.  A cloth for very special occasions.

No 7592(M) Salute to the Pineapple  Salute to the Pineapple - The traditional symbol of good fortune .. the lordly pineapple lavishly used in a round cloth and Presto - Two cloths from one set of directions ... merely be a change of thread

No 7591 Flower Fable - Wreathing 'round its centre motif .. a garland of variegated color. 

No 7531 Todays Heritage - For distinguished service this superlative filet cloth is unrivaled ... a new design in giant mesh that works up quickly. 

No 7525 Four Leaf Clover :  Here's a smart study of textures! The raised edges of clover petals silhouetted against a simple mesh background.

No 7485 Early American : Each medallion boasts of a circle of tiny pineapple motifs ... elaborate heirloom to be your daughter's pride and joy. 

No 7586 At Your Service! : An appetizing tray cloth ... snowy linen edged and cornered in 
celery crisp crochet.   This pattern is offered as a Free Download. 

No 7529 Trailing Vine :  Filet Crochet Edging

No 7585 Lady Bountiful - A bountiful cloth that sings of warm hospitality ... it's handsome openwork motifs gracefully interlaced and arranged!

No 7583 - Martha Washington:  A bountiful cloth that sings of warm hospitality ... its handsome openwork motifs gracefully interlaced and arranged. 

Now, for those of you that actually made it to the end, if you think this was a lot to view, I'll just admit that between the scanning, reformatting, listing, etc. this book took me over a week !   There's a couple of the simpler patterns here that I've listed in the shop as Free Downloads.    All the patterns are available by following the links. 

Although not a table cloth, my personal favorite is the Spinning Wheel Mats.   Something with this design just pops out and grabs me.   You?  What is your favorite?

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