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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Knitted Crocheted Pattern Book WF1, New York World's Fair

This booklet, Knitted and Crocheted designs, as featured at the Better Living Center at the New York World's Fair was a special edition pattern booklet by American Threads (WF1) to commemorate ... yep, you guessed it .. the New York World's Fair.  This booklet, Original Dawn Yarn Designs was a promotion for that specific brand of their yarn. 

 This pattern book came out in the 1964/1965 time frame.  These are quite subdued to other American Thread books around this same time line.   There is truly not a pattern here that would not be desirable.

Let me show you. 

Irish Crochet Dress : "I went to the World's Fair and I saw - Cover Girl in White Evening Sheath.  The skirt is divided, the attention is not !"  The shell is sized S-M-L; the skirt is one size.   Iridescent sequins and small crystal beads further highlight the Irish crochet.  

Knitting Pattern Striped Pullovers with Boat Neck

  Gold and White :  "I went to the World's Fair and I saw - Striking pair with Midas Touch ... bold gold stripes mated with white call attention ... to his ... to hers".  Knitting pattern sized for were at 32, 34, 36 and for him at 40, 42, 44.

Knitted Chevron Striped Dress Pattern
"I went to the World's Fair and I saw -- Forecast of Things to Come .. a Chevron Knit Dress that scoops fashion with an impish neckline, hemline ... a debonair striped shell, with basic skirt, to whip up in the briefest of time capsules"  Both patterns are knitting and are sized S-M-L.

Crocheted Green Cardigan Pattern
Motif Sweater : "I went to the World's Fair and I saw - The Box .. crochet the motifs as you go.  Perfect for flights of fancy"  This Box Motif Sweater pattern is crochet and sized S-M-L.  

"I went to the World's Fair and I saw ... The pullover Authority .. newest pullovers made good travellers ... on helicopters or World's Fair Express".  The Opal and Antique Gold Sweater is knitted and sized 32, 34, 36.  The Coral and White Sweater is also knitted, but sized 34. 36, 38.

Coachmen Jacket Knitting Pattern, Small Shawl Collar

"I went to the World's Fair and I saw  -- Drop-Shouldered Coachman .. this perfect spectator gets the play of attention too for its classic beauty of line and color".   This Coachman Sweater calls for both knitting needles and a crochet hook.   It is sized S-M-L.    

Vintage Shell Crochet Patterns from Columbia Minerva

"I went to the World's Fair and I saw -- A Shell and Popovers .. pomponed, looped, and squared away to steal the show and make your day".   The Buff Shell, Looped Topper and the Square Topper are crochet, The Pom-Pon Popover requires both knitting and crochet.
Shell Patterns

"I went to the World's Fair and I saw -- Traveling Companions .. Big, bold stripes in her comfortable shift dress and cables in his casual pullover".  The Bold Stripe Sheath is knitted and sized 10, 12, 14 and 16.  The Man's Cable Raglan is also knitted and sized 40, 42 and 44.

Vintage Knit Striped Sheath Pattern Sleeveless

"I went to the World's Fair and I saw -- Two Fashion Noteworthies .. button-free and easy shaped cardigan ... smashingly striped drop-shouldered pullover".  The Cocoa and Tangerine Trimmed Cardigan is crochet.  The Striped Sweater is knitted.   Both are sized S-M-L.

Large Hook Crochet Jacket Vest Pattern

"I went to the World's Fair and I saw -- Capricious Cardigan .. turn the sleeves on or off -- it's a fashion coup either way you crochet it.  Why not have both?"  This bulky cardigan is crochet and sized S-M-L.

Short Knitted Evening Dress Pattern

"I went to the World's Fair and I Saw -- Turn About .. knit-easy, wear easy shift with decollete worn front or back, unbuttoned as low as you dare".  This dress is knitted and sized S, M, L.  Note:  If desired, dress may be worn with opening at back.

Knitted Striped Sweater in Three Colors
"I went to the World's Fair and I saw -- A Pink Lady ... with deepening interest, from the palest to the most forthright declaration of Star-bright color".   This Tri-Tone Cable Sweater is knitted and sized S-M-L.

This is the back cover and a replay of the marvelous Red "Stop-Light' Sheath.

This book was issued as a promotion to American Thread Brand Yarns.  This delightful lead-in was included on the first pages. 

One of the back pages gave us a handy reference to the different Dawn Yarns that are used in this book.

Hope you enjoyed this Fashion Show of the 1964 -  Latest in Knit and Crochet Wear.     In this particular time period, American Thread put out a number of pattern books that were, well, on the funky side.   This book, however, makes up for that with several quite elegant pieces.    

I have restored and reformatted these patterns to crisp, easy to follow, documents which are available in my shop - just follow the links below the pictures - should you be interested.

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