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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Pineapple Doily Crochet Patterns, Spool Cotton Book 230

The year was 1946 and the Spool Cotton Company, in the form of their book No 230, announced they had 14 New Pineapple Designs.

Vintage Pineapple Doilies Tablecloths Bedspread Patterns
 See - 'Featuring 14 New Pineapple Designs' right there on the cover. 

Vintage Pineapple Doily Pattern Book
Their claim is 'the Pineapple Motif is the most popular' design of all.   They might be right in this, however, I'm not sure.   I sell more 'non-pineapple designs' as pineapple, but suppose that is not an apples to apples comparison.    But, I do have to admit ... there are marvelous pineapples in this book.   

No 7770 A/B Runner and Vanity Set :  This pattern features a runner at 12 x 30 inches, with variations of this pattern to crochet a 12 x 17 inch doily, as well as a round doily at 12 inches in diameter.  

No 7768 Doily - Centerpiece - Tablecloth :  This pattern starts with an 8-1/2 inch Doily and builds to a 23 inch Centerpiece.  A layout chart is included if you'd like to keep going to make an entire tablecloth. 

No 7767 Doily - Luncheon Set - Tablecloth - Bedspread :  Like other patterns in the book, this set starts with a double pineapple motif that is made into a 12 x 14 night stand doily, a 12 x 35 inch runner, 14 x 15 inch luncheon mats, or perhaps a tablecloth or bedspread at 75 x 105 inches. 

Pineapple Doily :  This pretty piece at 15-1/2 inches has a 5-1/2 inch linen center. 

No 7772 Bread Basket Doily: Sized 6 x 13 inches and bound to make a pleasing performance in a basket near you. 

No 7776 Square Centerpiece; Square Tablecloth.   Both with ample pineapples, the doily measures 23 inches square and the cloth is 54 inches.

No 7650 Pineapple Set :  This pattern is a threesome; almost a pineapple overload.  The instructions include a 65 x 84 inch Cloth, a 90 x 108 bedspread and an 18 x 38 inch runner (not pictured).    These are heirlooms in the making.

No 7769 Six Pointed Doily.  Just medium in size at 14", but bold in design.

No 7777 Square Luncheon Set includes the center piece and place mat doilies and a round bread and butter doily.  All, of course, with a nice pineapple border.

No 7778 Doily has a small star surrounded by 8 pineapples and a just right amount of lace
with scalloped edges.

No 7775 Tablecloth :  This lovely cloth, made up of 180 4-1/2 inch motifs measures
54 x 68 inches when completed.

No 7779 Luncheon Set - This set includes doilies at 16, 12, 9 and 6 inches.  It will make a stunning luncheon set, or a variety of individual doilies to scatter through your home.

No 7774 Luncheon and Chair Set :  This is a pattern set to crochet both the (single) place mat and the chair set pictured.   Simple, yet quite attractive.

No 7771 Centerpiece - You just might recognize this beauty from the front cover.
 It measures 20 inches in diameter.

And, as usual, the back cover is the same as the front.   Now, remember the cover said 14 'New' Designs?   Well, there are over 14 base patterns here, not to mention the variations within the patterns.   I wonder which ones aren't new?  

It's a delightful book of pineapples.   For those true pineapple lovers, this one has the potential to keep them up at night trying to decide where to start.  The patterns are listed individually in my shop, just follow the links, should you be interested. 

Hope you enjoyed the photo journal.   Thanks for dropping by, 

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