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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Crocheted Flower Block Afghan, Mail Order Design 988

I received an email this morning from a  woman in Australia that has been looking for a specific mail order crochet pattern.   She'd been searching for some time as part of her pattern was destroyed and she really wanted to finish the in-progress piece..   

This is a quite nice, and VERY LARGE afghan.   Made up of 11 inch floral blocks, that are joined to make an afghan that measures 69 x 95 inches.   This is more than a afghan, is is a blanket.

It's a large block, measuring in at 13 inches, crocheted in four colors.

Here's one of the newspaper advertisements.  There are a couple variations, but each of the are basically the same, and consistently marketed by Laura Wheeler.

Anyway, I pulled it out the pending drawer and completed the scans, converted to word doc, reformatted, put into a PDF (whew!) and listed it in my store.   It needed done, and now it is !

Perhaps she'll send me a photo when she's done ... these design pictures are never that great. 

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