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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Knit Stoles Pattern, Botanette Vol 1 from Botany Mills

This little pattern book from Botany is titled Botanette, Vol 1 - Hand Knit Stoles.   Why Botanette?  Well, this book is about 4 x 6 inches in size.  There concept was a booklet for women on the go.   Compact enough to tuck into your bag.     The booklet contains just 5, quite great, patterns; four knit and one crochet.

Their official write-up:   "Why not bring new glamour to your everyday and party dresses by teaming them with stoles -- elegant accessories, so popular with today's fashions ... so wonderful for heightening the effect of the figure .. so marvelous for accenting your face".

Let me show you.
Vintage Pattern Book for Knitted Stoles
BBM-100 Botany Lassie :  This pretty shawl is knit and then color strands are woven through, giving it an almost plaid affect.   

BBM-101 Commuter :  This knit piece is both functional and decorative.  Extra wide width keeps you warm down to your elbows, and those marvelous pockets are buttoned. 

BBM-102 Splendor is more than a suitable name for this lovely crocheted stole.   A lacy striped pattern stich with rounded, slightly scalloped edges. 

BBM-103 Charm :  This garment is vest like, with open sides and held with a belt.   It features patch pockets made extra fun with button adornment. 

BBM-104 Carmen :  This triangular shawl has a lovely pattern stitch and just the right amount of fringe all the way around.  

Woman Knitting Clip Art Picture
And, for just a bit of added Whimsy, we have this little sketch that went along with the booklet introduction.   And, to go along with the theme of traveling with a small, easy to carry booklet, our fiber artist is obviously knitting on a train or bus.

And, that is it.   Five patterns, all quite wonderful, in one little mini book.  I've reworked these patterns into PDF files, which are available in my shop should you be interested in giving one a travel.

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