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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Crochet Rug Patterns, Star Book 51

When looking at a pattern book, I can typically tie it to a general time or age just by looking at the pictures.   This booklet, American Thread Star Book 51, for example.   Flipping through the pictures, there was Lassie, as well as chenille bedspread and a pair of quite dated shoes.   This led to the knowledge that it would be early 1950s, before locating the (now expired) copyright of 1951.

Rug patterns, one might think, from the 1950s would be quite outdated an not desirable in today's home. However, I'm not sure that a rug design ever becomes undesirable.   Here, let me show you.

Rug Crochet Pattern from American Thread Book 51
On the front cover:
No 5101 Sculptured Block Rug - made up in 10-1/2 inch tufted blocks to form a large 
rug measuring 46 x 74 inches.

vintage numdah crochet rug pattern, fringed

No 5102 - The White Numdah Rug measures 39 x 24-1/2 inches with a nice floral and leaf embroidered design and plenty of fringe. 

No 5103 Sectional Tufted Rug, featuring a tri-diamond motif and outlining border measures a large 34 x 72 inches.  

Crocheted Oblong Loop Stitch Rug Pattern

No 5104 Loop Stitch Border Rug, just like titled in one, two or three colors of your choice, 
measures 24-1/2 by 36 inches. 

Vintage Loop Stitch Flower Rug Pattern

No 5105/06 Lazy Daisy Loops Oval and Round Rug have looped stitch circles as a border.   The oval rug is 31 x 43 inches and the round rug is 28 inches in diameter. 

No 5107 Marine Rug and Seat cover :  This rug, measuring 26 x 38, has a fish motif cross stitched
and a wavy loop stitch border.  The seat cover is the small standard size.

Vintage Area Rug Crochet Pattern, Three Kittens
No 5108 Kitten Rug has three kitty cats cross stitched with loop stitches all the way around.  The area rug is small at 22 x 32 inches.

Vintage Tapestry Crocheted Rug Pattern

No 5109 Tapestry is a large beauty at 38 x 60 inches.

Oval Striped Crochet Rug Pattern, fringe
No 5110 Americana Rug has three color bands and a nice fringed edge all around the 46-1/2 x 28 inches.

Small Tufted Crochet Rug Pattern
No 5111 - Ring Around o' Loops Rug - with three sections of loop stitching measures 34 inches in diameter. 

Crocheted Waves Loop Stitch Rug Pattern

No 5112 Two Tone Modern Rug measures 44 x 60 inches.

Vintage Colonial Squares Rug Crochet Pattern

No 5113 Colonial Squares made up in 6 blocks that form a geometric design when joined is surrounded by a solid border.  The finished rug measures 34-1/2 x 25 inches.
No 5114 Woven Rug is made of a crochet base with the colors darned through.  It measures 63 x 46 before the end fringe is added.  

One cool thing that American Thread did here was to give directions on each pattern for substitution of materials to make smaller version of the rug.  

Another sign of the times were the loop stitch rugs.  (Perhaps a very early sign that led us to shag rugs?)  My personal favorite is the sculptured Block Rug. Although it could be made in two shapes, the tone on tone has a very contemporary look.   And I'm sure our little girls would love to sit and play on the Lazy Daisy Rugs -- made up in pinks and purples.   

I enjoyed working through this book.   I've reworked each of the patterns to clean, crisp documents and they are listed in the shop - just follow the links under the pictures, should you be interested. 

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