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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hats and Bags in Crochet, Spool Cotton Book 126

The year was 1939. Pope Pius XII was crowned in Vatican ceremonies,  WWII Begins, Federal Spending is 9.14 Million and the top song is,  In The Mood, by Glen Miller.   This same year, Spool Cotton Company released their Book No 126.

Hats & Bags in Crochet Spool Cotton 126
This is a delightful book, the pictures have that romantic feel.  And the styles; although the times were quite serious,  were quite gay.

The official introduction page on the inside cover.   You might have to double click to enlarge for reading.

Vintage Hour Glass Crochet Hat Pattern
No 2331 Hour Glass:  Wide on the bottom and top, narrowing in the middle to form a perfect hour
No 2330:  Classic Bag:  A perfect little clutch, with button closure,  to go with many an outfit.

Beret Crochet Patterns is vintage 1930s
 No 2358 Angel Face :  It's smart to look like an angel these days, and this innocent halo beret with grosgrain band will give you an appealing young look.  Tailored enough for street wear -- dressy enough for afternoon.

No 2327 Good News :  Off the head it looks like an envelope with its contrasting ribbon lacing, -- on it accents fair brows.  Wear it for coll feather weight comfort.

No 2335 Pieces of Eight:  A smart treasure, indeed, made of eight separate pieces that make one stunning whole.

No 2340 Runabout :  Wear this casual hat with its flattering brim and high crown on the back of your head.  With color contrast in feather and band, it's ideal for all-around wear.

No 2337 Loop-the-Loop : Referring to the handles of this zipper top knitted bag - of course!  The smart shirred effect and trim lines are easily achieved - and it's wonderfully capacious, to.
This pattern is available as a Free Download.

Vintage Crochet Handbag Patterns
No 2336 Pillbox Hat and Bag: England's fashion leader, the Duchess of Kent, took the tiny pill box to her heart.  We offer it here in waffle stitch crochet with a smart bag to match.
No 2333 The Edwardians :  Pitch this rolled toque forward on your curls to give the Edwardian touch of elegance to your costume, and carry the round bag that makes a perfect alliance.  This set also graces the front cover.
No 2325 Tam O Shanter A dashing highlander tam - a whirling disk that will give you that young look and a flat as a pancake bag to match -- a duet of real smartness.

No 2332 Algiers:  Grand for travelling - packed, this fez with its feather accent collapses into no space at all, or rises on the head to heights of smartness.

No 2328 Sky Top : This young open-topped hat has a ribbon crossband to keep your hair trim and neat.  Wear with the bow at the front or wear at the back for vanity. 

No 2338 Tisket-a-Tasket:  Look like a picture of fragile femininity in this luscious lace creation - a wafer thin sailor which you can wash just the way you do a lamp shade

No 2339 Cock o'the Walk:  Fling this slightly made, but gay young topper, with a saucer like up turned brim, slightly forward on your head.  Trim it with a colorful flowing scarf.  

And, the back cover is the same.

So, what do you think?     If you ever spent a moment thinking the women of the 30's were not fun, these fashions just might help change your mind.  I'll readily admit, that, given the right event, I'd give a try to any one of the hats ... saving the hour glass for New Years Eve, of course.   

I've restored and formatted the patterns into PDF files, which are listed in my shop - just follow the links under the pictures, should you be interested.    Either way, I hope you enjoyed the photo journal. 

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