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Friday, November 16, 2012

Christmas Wreath Pin for Tatting

I was standing in Kohl's looking at purses about a week before Halloween and realized they were playing the old White Christmas Classic from Bing Crosby over the sound system.   I, literally called out - "You've got to be kidding; it's still October".   Two ladies near me exchanged looks, but Beau got the point and we left very quickly.  

But, it's now November and Thanksgiving is approaching.  There are Christmas commercials on TV and our subdivision is issuing the holiday decorating dictates.  Guess I'll just face the facts and get in the mood.

How about we start here with an ornament?

Here's a pretty little tatted ornament.   After tatting, it is further enhanced with little pearl beads nestled on a sequin and finished with a bow at the top.

You can wear it as a pin, or use another ribbon to string it and put it right on your Christmas Tree, hang around your review mirror, or .... whatever you might like.

I've listed this free Tatting Pattern in the shop should you want to give it a try.  

Thanks for dropping by.

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