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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Crochet Rug Pattern, Bucilla Vol 148

Next up in my stack of old books is Bucilla Crochet Cotton Rugs, Vol 148.     This book was put out by Bernhard Ulman and features Bucilla yarns.    The year .... well .... this one goes back to 1947; that's 65 years.   The photography in the book is black and white (of course) and is very dark.  My book is not yellowed, so I have to assume this is the way it was published.

There are a nice selection of rug crochet patterns here.  I would rate most of these intermediate to advanced, but it certainly looks that they would be well worth the effort.

Bucilla Crochet Cotton Rugs, Vol 148 
Vintage Crochet Cotton Rugs Pattern Book From Bucilla
Luxury Fringe No 3562 graces the front cover.   A lovely rug with three tufted edge rows, complimented with lush fringe.  

No 3556 Sun Dial:  This two tone rug (colors of your choice) measures 36 inches in diameter.

No 3559 Cable Stripe:  Two contrasting shades make up the bold cable pattern between rows of straight crochet, and a bit of fringe, for a finished rug that measures 24 x 37 inches. 

No 3561 Petit Point - floral design crocheted to chart (not embroidery) measures a lovely 24 x 36 inches.   

No 3555 Wavecrest - This fun rug, measuring 27 x 37 sure looks like a ripple !

No 3558 Neo Classic - Oval rug with nice floral and popcorn designs. 

No 3560 Lorna Doone - A plaid color with an abundance of color (7 in all) which measures 25 x 37 inches.  Notice they named this pattern Lorna Doone.  Do you suppose the book had another resurgence in popularity to gain the title?

No 3563 Puff Ball - A circular rug at 33 inches in diameter has three round rings and a center that warrants the name of puff ball.

No 3554 Filet Rose - This delightful rug, sized 29 x 40 inches, bears an attractive rose motif and is reversible. 

No 3553 Moonbeam Bathroom Set includes an oval rug measuring 24 x 36 inches and a standard size toilet seat cover.

No 3557 Gloucester - Pretty flowers are crocheted separately and attached to this 24 x 36 inch area rug.

And, last but not least ... the back cover features a full scale Bucilla Thread Advertisement.

Overall, the book contains a number of nice rug patterns.   I particularly like the dimensional quality of most of them.   If I had to choose one, it would be the Cable Stripe.   It would look great at my back door.   How about you?   

The individual patterns are available in my shop by following the links below the pictures. 

Hope you enjoyed the book preview.   
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