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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

So You Want To Make A Rug, Star Book 197

So You Want to Make A Rug, is Star Book No 197, put out by American Thread Company.   I don't know the actual issue year as there is no copyright stated on the book (making it public domain).   I'm going to guess late 1960's, perhaps early 1970s based on the print fonts and quality of color pictures.    All of the actual patterns in the book are crochet, or have some crochet component.

Crochet Rug Pattern Book 197, American Thread

The first 12 pages of the book discuss how to make Punch Needle Rugs.   There are no direct patterns given, but references to kits to purchase over the counter.    There is also a nice two page instruction and diagram sheets for making PomPon rugs.

Flower Block Crochet Rug Pattern
Crocheted Motif Rug is made up in bright colors.  It is sure to be a colorspot in the home.  The rug measures 25 x 38. 

Round fringed crochet rug pattern
Basic Round Crocheted Rug -  Crocheted in four colors to whatever size you want - Small, Medium or Large.  A light fringe is added for a finishing touch.  

Crocheted Round Rug Pattern in Loop Stitch
Crochet in the Round Rug looks soft and comfy made up in 4 corresponding shades.   It is crocheted to 38 inches in diameter and then knot fringe is added.  

Rose Embroidered Crochet Rug Pattern, Fringed
Crochet with Embroidery is a firm base of single crochet, measuring 26 x 36 inches to which a full fringe and a delightful floral cross stitch embroidery is added.  

Crocheted Block Rug Pattern, Tufted
Crochet and Knot - A Block Fringe Rug measuring 20 x 36 inches.  

Reverse Crochet Rug Pattern, Vintage 1960s
Reverse Crochet Rug measures 24 x 36 inches and is .... just like you might expect .... Reversible.

 Braided Rug is made of yarn braids that are connected together with single crochet.  The rug measures 24 x 35 inches.    

Combine Crochet with Braid rub is just the opposite of the Braided Rug.   This one is made up of crochet panels which are combined together with a single row of crochet.  The finished rug measures 24 x 32 inches.

And last, but not least, a woven rug on firm mesh.

There's a fair variety in the book and they look like they are all in the beginner to intermediate range.  Yes, You can do these!  If I had to choose a favorite, I'd say the Crochet in the Round.   It's just so fluffy looking ... like I'd like to step out of bed onto it in the mornings.   You, do you have a favorite?

Hope you enjoyed the photo journal.    Thanks for dropping by,  

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  1. I have this and will in the future go the reversible rug. But I will substitute a bulky #7 yarn and use 2 strands. This my guess at substituting aunt lydias rug yarn.