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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Quick Tricks to Crochet and Knit Coats Clark's Book 307

New Quick Tricks to Crochet and Knit was issued by Coats & Clark's back in 1954.  The 'New' in the title puts me on alert as it implies that there was previously a Quick Tricks by Coats & Clark's.   Gosh ... will this collection never be complete !

Anyway, it is a nice little pattern book mostly on the crafts side - home decor and accessories.   There's sure to be something in here for everyone .... assuming there are a few men that would really like the place mats, potholders or glass mitts.  (You just never know!).

Although I don't typically include the cover jacket in my reviews, just had to on this one.   The cover art is delightful.    

S-601 Watermelon Hot Plate Mats & Napkin Holder.   This crocheted set is meant to be slipped over wire hot plate racks of the specified size.   I'd think the true watermelon lover would be able to alter the edge to lay flat. 
S-607 to S-612 - 6 different styles of glass jackets, to crochet. 

S-604 Square Potholder - Free Crochet Pattern offered here.
S-603 Golf Club Mitts - This colorful set is knitted, with crochet numbers.
S-602 Coat Hanger Covers - Color Coordinate your closet with these crochet covers, just for fun. 
S-605 Sugar N Cream Pot Holder Set -- Fun to crochet, I'm sure - even more fun to own.
S-601 - Pink Cloche - A fast and easy crochet beanie.
S-606 - Waste Basket Cover - Crochet to fit any size wastebasket.  What a great way to update the bathroom or den look !

S-613 Baby Monkey :  This sweet crochet pattern is sure to be a big hit with all fans of sock monkeys.
S-615 Pink Slippers - These crocheted beauties will be perfect to pair up with a house dress for a day of comfort.
S-614 Happie Chappie Potholder - This is a crochet that 'almost' everyone is sure to love. This pattern is available for Free Download.
S-616 Flower Pot Cover / Use this crochet pattern to create either a doily or a plant cover, or make two and use as pictured.
S-618 Baby Bib is crocheted with ribbon entwined edge.
S-617 Danville the Dachshund - the crochet pet of your dreams.

S-620 & S-621 Jeweled Collars :  Romantic detachable collars to dress up your wardrobe. 

S-625 Checkerboard Set is featured on the back cover.   A fun set for everyday use includes

Now, I'll say that the title was misleading ... the patterns contain no actual 'Quick Tricks' to make the projects.   We'll just have to surmise the Quick Tricks was meant to mean fast and easy designs.

P.S.  Wonder if there was a "More New Quick Tricks" published in the 60's.

The majority of these patterns are available in my shop individually, just click on the link.   And, there are other patterns in the shop for ... well ... just about everything, should you feel like browsing.

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