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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Girls Crochet Dress with Shirley Temple Style

The picture on this crochet pattern leaflet brings to me fond memories of watching Shirley Temple movies (in reruns of course).   Officially, it is Leaflet M-10-36 published by American Thread Company.   The pattern set includes a crochet dress for girls sizes 4 to 6, pattern No 367, paired up with a very cute Crocheted Dog, pattern No 368.

Shirley Temple Crocheted Dress Pattern
And, why does it remind me so much of Shirley Temple, well ... here's a picture of her, positing with her dog. 

Shirley Temple and Dog Picture
 And, I'd say, no coincidence at all, since the pattern is 10/36 and the picture of Shirley is also 1936.   An advertising campaign at its' best !

But, in all fairness, even without the adoration we all have for the little girl Shirley Temple, it is a quite nice crochet dress and who doesn't love a crocheted dog.    I've listed both patterns in my shop, should you be interested.

Girls Crocheted Dress No 367
Crocheted Dog No 368

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  1. So adorable! I tried recently to introduce my son to the wonderful world of Shirley Temple movies. I had no takers on that one. LOL