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Friday, May 18, 2012

Knit Sweaters and Accessories, Coats Clark's Book 140

A couple days back I picked up Coats and Clark's Book 140 to start processing for my shop and thought it might be another great candidate to highlight here in the blog.  This great little book.   Now, every Coats & Clark's book I've  gone through has been a nice combination of knitting and crochet; always a bit heavier on the crochet.   This book breaks that entire mold.   This book is knitting patterns.  100% knitting patterns.

So, for all of you knitting fans, Coats and Clarks Book 140 !

The front cover, as usual, highlights patterns within the book.  
B351 - (On Left) Cable Shrug - A delightful  Knitted Cable Shrug sewn to form a smart looking Bolero.  
B352 (On Right) Quickie Stole is worked on big big knitting needles in an easy stitch.  This pattern is available as a Free Download in my shop.

B350 - Simple Shrug is knitted and sized to fit women between sizes 10 and 18 -- it is one size and super simple.  This is shown above in color; the center piece in blue.  

Small Knitted Shrug Pattern

B353 Hug Me Tight  Knitted Shrug - Just right to slip over your shoulders to ward off drafts.

Knitted Cowl Collar Pattern

B354 Knitted Cowl Collar & Beret.  A collar that can be worn in several different ways to add a custom look and a jaunty beret to perk up your spirits.

B355 Cossack Cap Knitting Pattern with or without the giant Ponpom.

Vintage Knitted Bed Socks Pattern

B356 Stretch bed socks are soft and cozy for all women sizes.  They have just a bit of elastic at the ankles to keep them warmly in place all night long.

Belted Cable Sleeveless Pullover Pattern

B357 Casual Cable Overblouse is knitted to wear over a a turtleneck, or all by itself as a sleeveless top.  It is sized small, medium and large.

B358 Quick-Knit Twisted Cable Cardigan

Vintage Beret Knitting Pattern

B359 Knitted Beret with just the perfect amount of slump - will fit girls and misses.

B361 Honeycomb Border Jacket is knitted with the ever attractive border from and bottom.

B362 Mens Knitted Cable V-Neck Pullover - a classic selection.

Knitted Smocked Pillow Pattern

B363 PomPon Pillow & Petal Pillow are two knitted accessories to adorn our couches, or wherever we might like to toss them.

B365 Pompon Topper & B366 Flower Topper - classic vintage coverups for our tissue!

B367 2 Needle Split Cable Mittens are just waiting for winter

Smocked Mittens Knitting Pattern with Hood

B368 Smocked Border Hood and Mittens - Knitted and designed to fit child sizes (approx. 8 - 12) and womans size.    (A decade earlier and this cool hat would have been called a Helmet).

Crazy Stole Knitting Pattern, Vintage 1960s

B369 Crazy Stole is knitted with a great pattern stitch that makes the most of 2 complimentary colors and finished with an extra long fringe.

And the back cover reviews a couple of the patterns -- this time in color.

Now, I'd think that there is something here for everyone.   For the most part, even the styles are still relatively applicable.    I particularly like the shrugs and the cowl collar.   If only I could knit.  I've listed a fair number of these individually in my shop, links under the pictures, should you be interested.

Hope you enjoyed the book review.   Thanks for dropping by.  

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