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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Socks Mittens Accessories to Knit & Crochet

Officially, it is Coats and Clark Book 192 - entitled Socks Mittens and Accessories.    And, just as you might expect, the patterns are exactly that !   There are a lot of patterns here, so grab a cup or glass of whatever it is you like to drink and enjoy the photo review of this delightful book.

 The front cover gives us a preview in color.   

Knitted Knee Socks Pattern
B-699 Knit Knee Socks, Beret and Garters.    I adore the whimsy of this patterns.   Socks yes, beret - a nice addition to almost any outfit and then .... garters????   Were garters popular in the 1960's ?    I don't remember that.  

Puff Stitch Knitted Hat Pattern
B-700 Knit Puff-Stitch Cloche.   A close fitting cap with a bit of a chunky look.

Crocheted Stocking Cap Pattern with Mittens
B-701 Crochet Mittens and Stocking Cap.   A fun set with an extra long stocking.   I'd make mine in bright and bold colors.  

Vintage Gloves Crochet Pattern
B-702 Crochet Shortie Gloves.   Sized small, medium and large, this attractive pair button for a sure fit. 

B-703 Knit 4 needle Cable Mittens - Here are mittens for the entire family with a palm size range between 4 1/2 to 9 inches.   

B-704 Knit 4-needle Socks.   Also sized for the entire family - 5 to 12 1/2.  

Easy Striped Scarf Knitting Pattern
B-705 Double Knit Striped Scarf & B-706 Knit Bib.  The scarf may be on the standard side, sized 7 x 42 inches, but the Bib ... well, what potential !

B-707 Popcorn N Pearl Knit Slippers - Here's an attractive slipper with just a bit of a mandarin look.  

B-708 Crochet Chevron Belt.   Here's a super simple chevron motif belt in two colors - match it up with a favorite dress or skirt.  Available for free. 

Vintage Floppy Hat Crochet Pattern
B-709 Crochet Sou'wester Hat - A comfortable looking hat with a brim just wide enough to keep the sun from your eyes, or flip up for style variations.

B-710 Knit Flower Bag - A sweet little drawstring bag with floral embroidery.

Dutch Crocheted Slippers Pattern
B-711 Embroidered Slippers:  These fun pretties have an embroidered design across the top and sides and felt soles.

Ladybug Crocheted Bag Pattern
B-712 Ladybug Pajama Bag or Toy - Your choice; insert zipper or stuff.   This design would be sure to delight a child!

Crocheted Beret Pattern in Popcorn Stitch
B-713 Crochet Popcorn Beret - Just a bit oversized, but still, a beret it is.   

B-714 Knit Slippers or Boot Socks - Solid or striped.  

B-716 Knit Belt - A simple, yet quite attractive piece.

Striped Scarf Crochet Pattern with Pompoms
B-715 Crochet Scarf - this long (80 inches) and narrow scarf would add a great attraction to the winter coat.   For the younger girls, add in the little pompoms.   And, it is super easy!

Knitted Aran Socks Pattern
B-717 Knit Heelless Aran Socks - Here is a nice aran design in a pair of socks.

And .... finally .... the back page giving us a few more of the designs in color.

Now, that was a lot of design options.   This book literally took me three days to make it through.    Many of the patterns I've added to my shop, should you be interested.  (There will be a link below the pictures).   Personally, I like the hats the best; particularly the over sized beret.   And, I'll go ahead and admit that although I'm a middle aged woman, I wouldn't mind having the ladybug on my bed.  

Hope you enjoyed the photo review.   

Thanks for dropping by,  

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