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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Crochet Pocket Purse Belt, Fanny Packs of the Past

In current times, we call them Fanny Packs and they come in a variety of styles and colors.    They gained great popularity in the 1990s with the widespread use of nylon fabrics.    They were equally used by men and women ... a unisex fanny pack, you might say.

I still have one in my closet.   I pull it out each year for Jazz Fest ... so great to carry a few dollars, some gum, chapstick .... you know .... stuff.    I understand the concept of 'fanny', but really, it is typically worn on the side or front.

But, the concept certainly did not originate with the cute name, like Fanny Pack.  I know they go back, at least to the 1940's, as I came across crochet patterns for two variations in the 1947 issue of Crochet Annual.
 This is referred to as a Purse Belt and attached to the waist with a button.   This design is adorned with beads all the way around the purse section.  

Crocheted Fanny Belt Pack Pattern, Vintage 1950s
Whereas this one is a Pocket Belt.    It also attaches to the waist with a button.  

Neither of the patterns call for lining, but I'd think that would be a good addition.   I'd also venture that these designs of the past were primarily worn by women.   (I know I'd never get one on my 'old school' husband!).   

Do they still have possibilities in current time .... although not quite Fanny Pack.    Made up in colorful yarns, I'd think perhaps.    If you'd like to experiment, I've listed the pattern (for both) in my shop.  

Thanks for dropping by.  

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