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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Florentine Skull Cap, A Crochet Beanie Pattern

I was working my way through the 1947 Woman's Day Crochet Annual when this particular pattern caught my eye.   Well, actually, it was the name of the pattern - Florentine Skull Cap

Vintage Florentine Skull Cap Crochet Pattern
These earlier (1930's - 1950's) magazines and pattern books frequently (I'm learning) often added historical, or romantic references to their official pattern names.    Such as this one - Florentine Skull Cap.  

At first glance, I clearly got the Cap part.   It a nice close fitting beanie.  There, however, it strays from the norm.   There is the little rounded swoop at the top (a nice variation from the standard pompon) and then the looped fringe (they are calling hairpin lace) down the back.   I think it has a fun look to it.

But, how about the Florentine Skull part.   Well, headed off to my new best friend - Google.    At a high level, historically, the skullcap is both protective an symbolic, going all the way back to Dante.   Variations spread between war armor to spiritual headgear worn by monks.  (If you are truly interested, there is an excellent history here).  AND, it was believe to have originated in Florentine.   That mane in the back might tie back to the back ornamentation of armor headgear.

But there is another possibility - there is a plant with a botonical name of Peregrina.   The common name for the plant is -- yep, you guessed it - Florentine Skull Cap.

So, what was Woman's Day thinking when they designed the mane on this hat?   Well, although I have no true knowledge, I do, apparently, have a couple ideas.

This pattern is listed in the shop (above link).   There are, of course, lot's of other hat patterns as well.

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