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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Crocheted Collar Moderne Vintage 1930s

Back in my more artsy days, I created a wide range of mixed media arts/crafts.    I loved most of them, but, wasn't much at marketing them.   Just create and stick them in the attic so I had space to move on.   Then, fast forward a couple years and I started pulling some of those works down to decide what to do with them and quickly decided ... many of them were just not as great as I had thought.  

I found myself thinking about this as I turned the page in the very Vintage (1934) Paris Sponsors Crochet, Coats & Clarks Book 46, and came across this pattern ...

Coats & Clark's call this pattern Collar Moderne.   It distinctly reminded me of some of those things that I created, that seemed wonderful at the moment, and then later, Not So Much.    I wonder if the creator of this pattern felt that way.   Great idea at the moment --- and I'm sure this would have been quite modern for 1934 -- and then later, Maybe Not.   Or, perhaps, it was money to the bank and who cares.

Basically, there are short and long crocheted bands that are connected together and then stitched to the garment of your choice.    I suppose, in the rights circumstances, one might be able to pull it off .... Maybe Not !
(to print, click to enlarge and then copy/paste to a word document on your hard drive)

What do you think?

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