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Friday, February 10, 2012

Crochet Festive Stoles and Blouses

Crochet Festive Stoles and Blouses.   Now only is it a great suggestion, but a complete pattern book, as well.    In actuality, it is knit and crochet, but since the crochet far outnumber the knit, I just left that part out.

This is a delightful book; was issued by Coats & Clark's back in 1952 ... yes 61 years ago.   The photos are just what they should be ... early 1950's drama and coloring.  Yep, color.  The folks at C&C (actually Spool Cotton Company) went all the way out and spent the money for ALL the photos to be color.  Typically, the 1950s gave us only the front and back cover in color.  But, although the patterns may be old, the styles should be referenced as Vintage.  The patterns are a promotion of Chadwick's Red Heart Knitting Worsted and Rayon Crochet Cotton.

  The front cover gives us a a crocheted blouse and a shawl.   

 The inside jacket, as typical, gives us the sole advertisement.  The booklet was issued as promotion to their new Rayon Crochet threads.     

 One each - a crochet stole on the left; and a knit stole on the right.  

 Again, one each - a crochet stole on the left and a knit stole on the right.

 Here's a delightful evening wear contribution.   Remember in the 1950's one still dressed up as the norm to go out to dinner, or to friends' house.  On the left, we have crochet blouse; on the right a crochet evening length dress.  Both have the allure of low shoulder straps.   Notice the shawl with the evening dress.  This one is velveteen; not crochet or knitted (a break out from the book theme). The shawl, shown with the crochet dress is sewn of Velveteen and Taffeta. 

 And here is another selection page for the evening crowd.  Although, pair them with casual clothing, and they would go that way as well.   The shawl, fringed three quarters around, is crochet, as are both of the blouses.   

And, on the back cover, an exquisite crochet shawl of hairpin lace, and sewn on rhinestones.  This piece bears both soft and feminine lace, but the wow of bling as well.   (What do you think they called Bling in 1952?).

One might say that the book, in addition to being heavy on crochet (only two knit) patterns, is heavy on the shawl side as well.  They were, no doubt, a popular accessory in that time.   But, wouldn't you think they still are.  Remember as a girl, how you loved to wrap yourself up in a shawl and parade around.  The truth is, you probably still would.   I know I do.   Although I don't seem to go out that much, I keep a couple in my living room to put around my shoulders when it is slightly chilly.  They just make one feel pretty, don't you think?

I've listed these patterns in my shop in PDF format, should you be interested to stitching up one of these yourself.     I hope you enjoyed the photo journal !

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Update -- 10/06/2017 -- Found a companion leaflet to this pattern book -- Leaflet W-547.

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