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Monday, February 6, 2012

Crochet Doily Patterns, Vintage 1947, Womans Day

Actually, the year was 1947.   It appears that Womans Day (I'm assuming a branch of the magazine) put out a yearly Crochet Annual of the most popular patterns.     Here are some of the beloved Crocheted Doilies of the time period, covered in this book.

Vintage Crochet Doily, Spiderweb Pattern
Fine Spider Web Doily.   It's 12 inches of a intricate spider web.

Crocheted Honeycomb Doily Pattern is 6 inches
Honeycomb Doily is just 6 inches, but captures those elements of a bee's interest.

Vintage 1940's crocheted shell doily pattern
Intricate doily gives of bands of varying design all in 9 inches.

Knot Stitch Bordered Linen Doily Pattern
This knot edged doily has a linen center.  It is also 9 inches finished.

Round Medallion Scallop Crochet Doily Pattern
Here is a 9 inch Ornate Doily that has the shape of a flower.

Crochet Doily Pattern with Pinwheel Petal Center
Petal Center Doily -- This lacy piece, 8 inches in all, has the petals of a flower in the center, bordered by varying lacy designs. 

A Classic Pinwheel.  This one is 11 inches.

Called the Star Doily, at 14 inches, this one is made up of 253 little circle motifs.
Here'a Classic Wheel Doily at 12 inches. 

There are actually 17 doilies represented in the book.  These are my favorites.   I know the pictures quality is not great, but since the originals were 3 to 4 inches to begin with, I'm surprised I was able to get them this sharp.  

I love these old doily patterns.   They remind me of my mothers' home when I was small.   She had dollies under (it seems) everything.  And, when we dusted (not very often), we'd lift up the doily, and the mirrored pattern will be perfectly left behind on the table.   One day, I'm going to have to do that in my own home; I certainly have enough dust.   And then photograph the image.     

Because of the quality of the pictures and vintage print, yellowing of the book, I've reworked each of the patterns to a bright and crisp, easy to read, copy.   

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