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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Crochet Coozie or Glass Mitt, Free Pattern

For today's convenience, we have coozies.   They come in all types and colors.   Some are insulated, some have zippers, some fit cans and some fit bottles.  They are frequently used for beer, and often for soda products.    I'm sure they are residents in the majority of households ... at least here in the States.    If you don't know what I'm referring to, take a look here.

Apparently the concept was similarly popular back in the 1950s in crochet and knit versions.   The patterns frequently show them at use in ladies afternoon parties.   I'm sure they were also great bazaar and holiday items.

I'm surprised they have not made a reappearance.   They would be that something unique.  Say, crochet up a set, in school or NFL colors.   Make up some in bright pink for your favorite girly girl, and serve her dinner.  Make them for gifts, make them for yourself.    If someone asks, you can say you are getting back to your roots !
To print this pattern, click to enlarge and then copy/paste to a word document on your computer. 

This pattern, in case you are interested, is from the December, 1953 issue of The Workbasket. 

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