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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Vintage 1930's Hats to Knit and Crochet

Now here is an old book, 1939 to be exact, that contains hats to knit and crochet.  This particular book issued by Oregon Worsted Co., in obvious promotion to their line of yarns and threads.    Remember that hats were a staple to the womans' wardrobe in the 1930s and Oregon Worsted certainly put together a great set of patterns here.   And what was the mainstay for 1939, is remarkably fun fashion for today.

 The front cover - Make the Headlines Hats with yarn - Jeannette Styles.  Other than Jeanette's name on the right margin cover, she's not mentioned again.   She was, the name of the times ... 20 into the 60's, for hat designs.
Vintage Crocheted Sailor Styled Hat Pattern
Sailor Beware - a crochet chapeau with variations  (even the sailor variation is a bit of a stretch, I must say).

Vintage Crochet Tall Brimmed Hat Pattern
French Pastry - A semi-tall, small brimmed hat.  Crochet and personalize it to make it your own.  

Vintage Mesh Crocheted Turban Pattern

Mesh Turban - Crocheted love knots to compliment, or hide, your hairstyle. 

Daffodil - a pretty crocheted hat that you can either roll up and adorn, or roll down and wear as a beret. 
Angel's Choice - Crocheted Snood, when you looking for something different !

Gay Couquette - More than a crochet hat; this is pure class !
Bow for a Beau :  This crochet snood ties with a velvet ribbon at the top.

Star Gazing:  A wide crochet band.  Perfect for keeping the hair in control while sporting a stylish, and different look.
Chipper - A crochet beanie, complete with button.   So perfect in school colors. 

Dustmop  - This fun hat a fun hat of loop stitches;  perfect for Easter, Church, or anywhere you might want to wear it !
Headlight - An unusual crochet hat indeed, that has rendered me ... well .. speechless !

Dutch Treat Blouse - A knitted beauty, dutch styled, front buttons and an adorned collar
Dutch Treat Hat - Brim folded up and ready for a plain jaunty look, or dress it up with braid .. let your imagination take hold.   Why not crochet several ?

Riding Hat - Crocheted to wear for whenever, or whatever, you may ride ... or not.  

Four Honors Hat - This crochet hat is a little jaunty, a little mysterious, a little sexy .. a little whatever one might want it to be (within reason, of course).   
Neckband Blouse - Who ever knew that ribbing could be so attractive !  The tie collar and puffed sleeves are quite nice themselves.   This is a knitting patterns - sized 12 to 20, that, interestingly enough, skips size 16.

Breton Bowler - With this crocheted hat, one would be ready to encounter Bogart on the street, or perhaps just the husband in the restaurant.  Either way, you'd look fabulous. 
Russe - This crocheted pillbox is just a bit taller than the norm. 
Roll Brim - The sweetest of beanies with a thin rolled brim in contrast ... a bit knit (stocking needles) and a bit crochet.
Pillbox - It is a classic in crochet, with a touch of personality all its' own. 

Tennis - This little cap is crochet mesh ... cool and fashionable at the same time.
Hanky Hat - A bit of a pillbox style and designed to perfectly hold a hanky of your choosing ... mix and match with your wardrobe with just the change of a hanky.  
Summer Band - This unusual headband has returned me to speechless.   I do have to admit though, the flowers do lighten it up a bit.  
Skiing - This little cap has so much more potential than a ski cap !

And, last but not least ... a complete surprise.   The back covers gives us a variety of little yarn ornaments designed to adorn hats ... or whatever needs adorned.   There are, of course, instructions as well on the inside back cover.  

Whew ... that was a lot of patterns to make it through !   I was beginning to think that detailing this book was becoming a career in itself.    I've listed most of these patterns individually in my shop.   That, of course, means scanning, converting, proofing, listing .... etc. etc. etc.     But, if you've enjoyed looking through the pictures; it's all been worth it !

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  1. I am glad that I am not the only one who does that. Don't you just hate it when it happens.

    Those hats certainly have attitude!

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