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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Hats to Crochet or Knit, Bernat 165

Here's a fun booklet; entitled Hats Hats Hats.   It was brought to us by Bernat; it is book number 165. It contains Hat patterns, as you might expect.  But, what a collection of hats to choose from.  There short and funky, tall and proud, stockings, berets, newsboys, tams.   There are some frills, a few ties, a fair number of Pom-pons and a whole lot of fun.

Hats Hats Hats from Bernat
All fun, but 2170 (bottom right) is smart enough to give one attitude and it's neighbor, 2164 (on the bottom left) is begging for stylish adornment ... put those pins and flowers (crochet or otherwise) to some use.

The kids helmets here are so perfect for that cold weather wear (should warm all the mothers' hearts), and the looped fringe of 2162 and that long tail of 2158 should be on 'must have' lists. 

Again I like all of these, but the floppy, with or without the pom-pom braid tie, and the close fitting stocking (2157) are stand-outs.    Notice the bangle at the bottom right.   This bangle, and the model as well, appears to be right off the Walbead Bangles Book, although that book bears to reference to Bernat and the pattern are not exactly the same.

When I was a girl, I'd have given anything, well, at least cleaned my room, for 2173 - top left.   Now, I'd be incredible stylish, not to mention happy, with 2157. 

Here's another view of that beloved floppy, along with some others that are equally splendid. Note, scarf cap is available as a Free Download in the Shop.  

And the back page again recaps a couple already seen.   The stocking cap on the little girl ... well, she almost gets lost in it.   But, can't you just see her spending hours modeling that hat?

And that's it; Bernat 165.    There are enough hat patterns, whether your knit or crochet, to stitch up most anything you'd need the rest of your life.   Well, maybe not ... considering those marvelous 1940s and 1950s styles.   But, these are up there.     What's your favorite ?

The majority of these patterns are available in the shop, should you be interested.

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