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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Crocheted Egg Cup Warmer - Rooster and Bunny

You know that you've been looking everywhere for a crochet pattern to make egg warmers.   I know you have ... they are just something that not many of us have anymore and would make sure incredible conversation pieces at the breakfast table !

Crocheted Egg Warmer Pattern, Rooster & Bunny

Okay, all kidding aside .... this is an old pattern that i found in the April, 1949 issue of The Workbasket.   I started out thinking that egg cups were probably an obsolete item.   But I went out and did a quick Google, and apparently I'm wrong.    So, you boil the egg, put the egg in the cup and put these cute little warmers over the top.   But yes, I know ...  you already had that part figured out.     So, I'll just get on with the pattern.
Crocheted Rooster Egg Warmer, Free Pattern

To print:  Click to enlarge the picture and then copy/paste to a word document on your hard drive.

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