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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Crochet Doilies, Coats Clarks Book 235,

It has been a month or so since I featured a Doily Book, so I reached into the box and routed around to come out with this one ... A Collection of Fascinating New Designs.    This is Coats and Clarks Book 235.   It was issued in 1947 for a whopping sum of 10 cents.    There are 12 individually doily patterns and 2 luncheon mat / runner sets.   All are crochet and all call of Mercerized Cottons, by ... of course ... Coats and Clarks.
Clark's O.N.T. - J&P Coats Book 235
No 7808 - The front cover gives us a preview of the large centerpiece Pineapple Design Doily.   This finished beauty is 22 inches in diameter.
As typical (to keep costs down, I'd assume), the front and back cover are the same. 
No 7831 - This Star Motif doily measures 14 inches in diameter.

No 7817 - Round doily perfect for small places or to highlight small items - just 5 inches.
 No 7839 - Large 15 inch doily of pineapple motif attached to a linen center.
 7810 - Also on a linen center, this piece measures 12 inches.
7801 - Another centerpiece doily at 26 inches in diameter.  This one features a large star, surrounded by even larger hearts.  It is lovely!

No 7840 - A doily luncheon set.  Each placemat measures 11 x 17 inches and the runner measures 12 x 30 inches.   Can't you just envision these with a dark colored tablecloth?

No 4038 - A sweet little ruffled doily with a center star motif.   This piece measures just 9 inches in diameter.

No 7841 - A second luncheon set made up with 2 inch motifs.   The placemats are 12 inches square and the runner is 12 x 30 inches.  Of course, you could continue making motifs and turn into scarves or table cloths.
No 7796 - A medium centerpiece at 18 inches in diameter.  I like the changing pattern design  - a whee to star points, fans and scallops.

No 7814 - This small piece, just 6.5 inches, is big on detail. This pattern available for free download.

No 7794 - Medium in size, at 12 inches in diameter, this doily, with the more solid center, becomes a wonderful doily to accent your treasures. 
No 7797 - This doily is larger than it appears, 12 inches in diameter.  It features a dainty floral interior and a scalloped shell edge. 

No 7803 - A tulip motif, both standard and long, are featured in this 14 inch piece. 

And, that's it.   What do you think?   Remember the front page statement - A Collection of Fascinating New Designs?   Well, some of these new designs from 1947 are classics today in 2011.  

My particular copy of this book is in relatively poor shape, which shows in some of the pictures.   I was able, however, to restore the patterns back to original copy -- there are links under the pictures should you be interested in one of them.

I hope you enjoyed these vintage doily pictures.    I had thought of cleaning them up with photoshop, but it seemed a shame to alter the 1947 style.   So, I left them alone.   

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