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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Knit Crochet Patterns Baby Toddler Columbia Minerva 766

This is the 'Beautiful Baby Book - Infants to Four Years.   It was issued by Columbia Minerva in 1967 and it contains, just like the title says  .... patterns for infants.   The book is about a half and half type thing.   It starts out with cute little layettes of baby and then advances on with a series of patterns for our toddlers ... boys and girls, sized in the 1, 2, 3 and 4 range.   All of the patterns are knitting; the majority of them also have crochet edges or other details.   A couple of them involve some embroidery as well.  

Now, putting all these pictures in this post is one step closer to maxing me out, but they are just too adorable to side-step.     Warning though; there are 27 pictures here  if you are on dial-up, it might take awhile.   So, here we go ....
Beautiful Baby Book 
Vintage Romper Knitting Pattern with Embroidery

 766-03 - Snuggle Bunny Saque and Cap

 766-04 - Snow Flake - Hooded Jacket

766-6 Baby Breath - Layette with Cap, Jacket and Blanket
766-7 - Queen Anne's Lace - Baby Blanket ... WOW

766-8 Columbine - Layette; this one includes booties as well.

766-11 Primrose - Layette 

And that concludes the baby section of this book.   It gives us 7 layettes, a sacque, a blanket and a snap crotch top.   Overall, every single pattern is delightful and bound to become a keepsake.   I know, tucked away in a box, I have the knitted layette that was given as a present to my son some 23 years ago.    I know the only reason I save it is that it is so special that I could never part with it.       And here, a whole new level of fun starts.    Now, these are all toddler patterns ...  a few are 1T, all are 2T, 2T and 4T.  
766-12 & 13 - Two Little Elves :   A two pattern matching set features a little suit, a dress and matching panties.  

766-14 - Little Bo Peep : Little Dress with Embroidery detail and matching panties.  

766-15 & 16 - Little Girl and Boy Blue gives us a choice of a sweater and a pullover.  

766-17 & 18 Goldilocks and Little Jack Horner is a sweater and cardigan set - one for her and one for him.  

766-19 & 20 - The Little Patriots - Another his and here toddler set - a dress for her and a pullover, shorts and socks for him.   And, lets not forget the fun striped patriotic look.   Or, mix and match those colors to other seasons !

766-21 & 22 - Jack and Jill, a two pattern set with a skirt for her and short pants for him, suspenders and pullovers for both.
766-23 - Cinderella - Toddler dress with a cute little round collar, yoke and short sleeves.   Put tights under it and she is ready to go anywhere.  

766-24 & 24 - The Barnyard Twins - a pullover for her; a cardigan for him and nice bird embroidery motif for both.  

766-26 & 27  - Little Red Riding Hood and Jack Frost:  There's alot of pattern here.  For her, a coat, spats and hat; for him, leggings (pants) and a hooded jacket.

766-28 - Bambi.   Another cute dress with long sleeves, patterned motif and color bands.  

766-29 & 30 - Brigadoon.   Again, a his and hers pattern set ... of the argyle type.   A dress for her, a cardigan for him, socks and pullovers for both. 
766-31 - Jiminy Cricket - A quite handsome cardigan.  

766-32 - Puss in Boots - A girls winter suit with sweater, pants and a hat; all featuring double bands.

766-33 & 34 - Hansel and Gretel:  Another his and hers sweater and cardigan set.  

766-35 & 36 - Little Darling and Mignonete - Dress-up sweaters; one with a lacy neckline and one with flower embroidery.  

766-37 & 38 - Pussy Willow and Morning Glory - The last two patterns; one pullover and one sweater - both are something special.

So, was that a lot of patterns, or what?   When going through the book, I contemplated NOT putting it in the blog.  But then, how could I say I was going to put all these public domain in here for your viewing pleasure, if I didn't actually do.   So ... three days later ... finally finished.    

I've listed these individually in my shop, if you are interested.   The book was just to much for me (MB wise) to put out as a whole.   And, the truth is, no one probably wants to make more than one or two of them anyway.   

So, I think I'll take a break for a couple days .... 

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  1. Wow! Those outfits are Very cute!

    1. And the babies are quite adorable too. I think my personal favorite in the Cinderella dress.

  2. I used to own this book. I knit Cinderella for my daughter and now her daughter will have it for next winter.

    How can I get these patterns again?

    1. Lone Star, there is a link under the Cinderella picture that will take you to where you can purchase the pattern.

      If you have a picture of your daughter in her dress, it would be darling to put it beside of picture of your granddaughter in here ... in one of those double picture frames !