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Friday, September 2, 2011

Minerva Afghan Patterns Volume 66

Yes, I know ... another afghan book.    Next set of book's I pull out to scan and process, I'll try to switch between afghans and 'other stuff'.   But, let me not be to judgmental on this one ... it's Minerva Afghans - A collection of Colonial Favorites.    This book goes back to 1943!    And, it's got a nice collection of what are now classics, or variations of them.   The only thing that would improve on this book is a little color in the photographs, but the truth is ... 67 years ago black and white was the thing.

The book contains 11 patterns, all crochet except Monticello and Lincoln, which are knitted.    The patterns call for Minerva Milady Knitting Yarn or Minerva Afghan Germantown.   You will need to substitute to a current equivalent. All of these patterns look fairly easily --- mostly beginner level.

Minerva Afghans 
A Collection of Colonial Favorites

Crocheted Charleston Jewel Afghan Pattern
No 6600 - Charleston - The delicate beauty of the Old South is portrayed in this dainty afghan made in tiny jewel-like square.  It takes such a short time to make on of these squares, that the afghan can be completed in a jiffy.   The finished squares measures about 2 3/4 inches.  The pattern calls for 22 colors of assorted colors and black.   It measures approx. 50 x 54 inches.

Portland Afghan Crochet Pattern No 6601

No 6601 - Portland - This is New England's version of the old Mt Vernon, or Granny Afghan as it is sometimes called.  The boldness of this design suggests the rugged simplicity of our Pilgrim Ancestors.  This  calls for 18 skeins of assorted colors and 8 skeins of black.  The finished piece measures approx. 60 x 72 inches.

Crocheted Hexagon Block Afghan pattern, Pinwheel
No 6602 - Pin Wheel - This colorful old favorite will always be popular.  The hexagon shaped motifs are very easy to crochet, and an endless variety of color combinations can be made.   It can be finished with a border of two rows of double crochet instead of the fringe, if preferred.   You will need 12 skeins assorted colors, along with brown and beige.  The finished piece is approx. 54 x 66 inches.
Crochet Ripple Crocheted Afghan Pattern, Rainbow No 6603
No 6603 - Rainbow - The sign of the rainbow suggests a happy future.  The design of the afghan shows true American Indian inspiration.  Work stripes as suggested, or in a color scheme of your own choosing.  It will be an heirloom to be proud of.   It calls for yarns in 6 different colors.   The finished afghan measures approx. 66 x 72 inches.

Crochet Square Block Afghan pattern, Victoria No 6604
No 6604 - Victoria - This afghan can be made in any combination of five harmonizing shades or in Hit and Miss manner, using any colors desired.  The soft rose shades listed below are used in model illustrated.  The fringe may be omitted.

Crocheted Log Cabin Afghan Pattern
No 6605 - Log Cabin - The original design of this afghan must have been inspired in the Log Cabin days of Abraham Lincoln.  Strength and simplicity of pattern make it truly beautiful.  It may be worked in hit and miss manner, using any colors desired, or according to instructions.   It calls for dark brown, light beige, copper, light green and dark green.  The afghan consists of 48 - 8 inch squares.   The finished piece is 50 x 66 inches.

Crocheted Rick Rack Afghan Pattern from Minerva
No 6606 - Rickrack - An old-fashioned name for an old-fashioned afghan.  The variety of bright colors, used in hit and miss manner, make it very gay and will add a cheerful note to any room. It calls for 25 skeins of assorted colors and black.  The finished piece is 52 x 66 inches.

Crocheted Salem Block Afghan Pattern from Minerva
No 6607 - Salem - This afghan is typical of the New England of Colonial Days.  It is simple in design, made for warmth and durability and is especially suitable to use with the sturdy Colonial furniture.  It used 12 assorted colors, black to join squares and 2 contrasting colors for borders.

Crocheted Mount Vernon Afghan Pattern in 15 colors
No 6608 - Mount Vernon - The one afghan made more than any other is the original old Mount Vernon.  The crocheted squares may be joined together diagonally as illustrated, or straight, if preferred.   It is a true classic.   It calls of 15 assorted colors and black.  Each square measures about 4 inches.   The finished afghan is 54 x 72 inches.

Crochet Popcorn Block Afghan Pattern
No 6609 - Monticello - The rich elegance of this knitted afghan, made in red, white and blue, shows the exquisite handiwork of the gentlewomen of the Old South.  The afghan contains 108 squares, joined together alternately, 9 squares wide and 12 squares long.   The finished size is about 46 x 56 inches.

Knitted Colorful Block Afghan Pattern
This knitted afghan was a great favorite with the Pioneers of our country.  They used any yarn, any color, and any weight to make this comfortable coverlette.  They knitted two strands together in the light weight yarn, and worked alternate rows of color in some of the squares to use up all the odds and ends of the different colors.   The patterns calls for 26 assorted colors and black.   The finished piece measures approx. 48 x 72 inches.

The back page is an advertisement for the brand - Lees Minerva Knitting Worsted. 

Even in black and white, these are a lovely collection of patterns.   I've listed them individually in my shop should you be interested in working one for yourself.  A link is in the description of each.

I hope you enjoyed a review of this delightful book.

Thanks for dropping by,

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