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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Crochet Afghan Patterns Coats Clarks Book 289

Are you getting tired of looking at Vintage Afghan Patterns yet?   I hope not, as I not only have this book that I'm about to show you, but a fair number more in a box out in the studio waiting to be scanned and all that jazz.

This one is Spool Cotton Book 289.    This book was a promotion for Coats and Clark's  Red Heart Knitting Worsted, as well as their Baby wool.   And, yep, you guessed it - All the patterns are made with these yarns    You may, of course, substitute to equivalents, as needed.    With the exception of 2 knitting patterns, they are all crochet. 

Here's a photo-journey of this Vintage 1952 book.

Coats Clarks Afghan Book 289
C-117 - Persian Print Afghan is Crocheted in 4-ply knitting worsted.  Made in two colors, the 4" square motifs, with flower center, creates. 42 x 62 inch afghan.  

Free Knitted Ripple Afghan Pattern

C-119 - Television Afghan is a real nice ripple knit in three shades of one color.   It measures approx. 51 x 66 inches.  The edges are crocheted.
This pattern is offered as a Free Download.

C-120 - California Ranch Afghan in two colors is crocheted in panels.  It is not an actual ripple, however, has quite a ripple effect.

Crocheted Autumn Ripple Afghan Pattern
 C-121 - Autumn Chevron Afghan measures 48 x 60 inches and crocheted in 6 colors.  Interesting that this picture is blurry.   I scanned it 4 different times and something about the pattern and/or color combo ... this is as sharp (even with Photoshop assistance) that I can get it.   Now, how interesting is that!
C-122 - Siesta Afghan is an interesting name for this four shades of green beauty.  It is stitched with a Plastic Crochet Hook No 6.   The finished piece measures 47 x 62 inches. 

C-123 - Sugar N Spice Afghan is the only Baby Afghan in this book.   It's a sweet little piece, measuring 32 x 46 inches.  It is created with a plastic crochet hook No 5 and 7 shades of the Knitting Worsted. 

Crocheted Block Americana Afghan Pattern
C-124 - American Afghan is made of of 4 inch motifs to create a lovely piece measuring approx. 38 x 62 inches.  It is created with 5 shades of  knitting worsted and a Plastic Crochet Hook No 5. 

Knitting Pattern Harlequin Afghan
 C-125 - Harlequin Afghan is large, measuring 62 x 70 inches.   This pattern is knitted with one pair of knitting pins.   The edges are finished in crochet with a Plastic Hook No 5.   
Crocheted Plaid Afghan Pattern with Fringe
C-126 - Highland Home Afghan is marvelously plaid.  This pattern is created in black, red  with yellow lines woven through.

C-127 - Flower Garden Afghan measures approx. 48 x 64 inches; made up with 266 small flower motifs in assorted colors.

C-118 - Colonial Charm Afghan adorns the back cover. It's a wonderful piece made of with 4 inch multiple color flower motifs.  

It's interesting that there is just one knitting pattern here.   Although most books are heavier on the crochet side, knitting usually gets at least a third of the attention.     My favorite of this set is the Highland Home plaid beauty.   It would look great on my couch in shades of brown and rust.   (hint, hint).    You, which are your favorites? 

These are listed individually in my shop in PDF format; just follow the link under each picture, should you be interested.    Either way, I hope you enjoyed looking through the book.

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  1. Have you made the Siesta Afghan? I have worked the motif and it looks NOTHING like the picture! Is there a mistake in the pattern itself? I really can't go any further than the 5th rnd.