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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Crocheted Curtain Pulls Ornaments Pattern by Doreen

Looking for crocheted curtain pull ideas ... well, here you go.   Not just one or two designs, but 29 of them!   This is a Doreen Book by Nell Armstrong going all the way back to 1949. 
Volume 98 - Doreen Curtain Pulls
The front and back cover are the same, featuring three of the pulls. 

All of the pulls are crocheted.   They each require a bone ring, mercerized cotton and a steel crochet hook (all three of varying sizes).  I'd think that the name 'curtain pulls' probably related more to shade to curtains, but who knows?   Ready to see the pictures ?

Perhaps Christmas Tree Decorations,

 or, Luggage Tags, to identify which one is your. 

 They would like great as a zipper pull hanging from your purse and jacket. 

 You could string several together and create a mobile,

 or, hang from your rear view mirror (giving those mardi gras beads a break)

 Then, there also Pulls for Ceiling fans and closet light switches (in older homes), and, on really long strings, bookmarks.

Or, disguise a pinback and wear on your sweaters or blouses.   

I have no doubt there are dozens of other ways to use these gems.      Care to add to my list? 

If you are interested, this book is listed in my shop in PDF format. 

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  1. These are so cute. They remind me so much of the Christmas ornaments my grandmother crocheted. I think she used PVC glue on them because some of them were stiff - but they held their shape on the tree so well!

    Thanks for sharing these designs :)