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Monday, August 29, 2011

Afghans Traditional Contemporary, Spinnerin 148

This vintage afghan pattern book by Spinner (Book 148) is titled Afghans, Traditional and Contemporary.    Now, hows that for a unique title !    But, just what did they mean.  

Traditional - characteristic of the older styles
Contemporary - Part of the Current Time Period 

This book was issued in 1959.   So, taken literally, the patterns here are typical designs for the 1950s and more.     Some of these, like the Granny's, are classics.   The book contains 18 patterns, 5 are knitting, two use a Knit-Wit and the rest are crochet.    The book was issued as promotion for Spinnerin Yarns; most specifically, Nylaine Knitting Worsted, Quick-Knit and Mothproofed Marvel Twist.  All of the patterns call for one of these yarns. (You may, of course, substitute to equivalent modern (um, I meant contemporary) brands.

Spinnerin, Afghans Traditional and Contemporary
504 - Quick-Knit Ripples -  As far as ripples go, this one is a long and lean three color 
beauty - 48 x 68 inches in all. 

Checkerboard Knitted Afghan pattern no 505
505 - Checkerboard - This afghan measures approx. 50 x 68 inches.   It is knitted with 1 pair Knitting Needles No 11.   An aluminum crochet hook (Size J or 10) is also referenced in materials, however, I do not see any signs of its' use in the pattern. 

Striped Zig Zag Knitted Afghan pattern
506 - Zig Zag Stripes:   A bit like a ripple, but not -- it's a zig zag.  
This one measures 50 x 68 inches. 

 503 - Signal Flags is made with 4 panels of one color, to which 5 color blocks are added -- a splash of unexpected color.   It's on the large side at 56 x 64 inches. 

516 - Cape Cod  afghan sports great texture in the form of the popcorn stitch.   It is created with 1 afghan hook No 1 and one bone crochet hook No 5 or 00.   It measures 54 x 68 inches.

515 - Regency - Here we have 10 strips of 6 different colors and the ever fun
popcorn stitch.   It measures 54 x 70 inches. 

500 - Dewdrop Afghan has a textural leaf element through four main panels, offset with narrow stripe panels of contrast colors and finished with a thick fringe.  The afghan measures approx. 48 x 60 inches. 

 517 - Granny Afghan is bright and colorful (trust me - 9 colors) and measures 44 x 58 inches.   It is crocheted with 1 bone crochet hook No 8 or H.

509 - Forever Yours, afghan is made up of one large and two small flowers and then adorned with motif flowers made on a Knit Wit tool and then embroidered with initials of your choice.  The finished afghan is 55 x 66 inches.

511 - Nantucket Afghan is stunning.   It measures approx. 44 x 70 inches, 66 blocks in all and a short ruffle to give the final touch. 

510 - Knit-Wit Colonial - This afghan required the Knit Wit Square Tool and Adapter.  It is made up by making 25 flower and square motif blocks that are stitched together.  The finished size is not stated. 

513 - Victorian Afghan calls of 140 - 5 inch square blocks, in four color.  The finished 
size is approx. 52 x 72 inches.

512 - Heiress Afghan not only has an intriguing design in rope stitch, but circular flowers and
 fabulous fringe.  It measures approx. 60 x 72 inches.

514 - Talisman features marvelous embroidered floral details on three panels afghan stitched.  It measures 56 x 72 inches.

508 - Oriental Afghan features a flower and a butterfly embroidered motif worked on 
afghan stitched blocks.  It measures 55 x 77 inches.

501 - Pinwheel - Now this is a classic!  It is crocheted with 1 steel crochet hook size 00 or 5 and 1 aluminum crochet hook size J.  Finished, it measures approx. 48 x 68 inches. 

 502 - Window Pane Afghan is approx. 48 x 66 inches. It is worked in 4 colors making 56 blocks of two colors and 57 blocks of two others.   Is a bright and colorful geometric puzzle.  

507 - Modern Granny closes off the book on the back cover.  Another Classic for sure. Motifs are 6 inches each and put together to form the 50 x 68 piece. 

I have to say that 512 - Heiress is my favorite - only in that it is more my style.  But, I cannot deny that Nantucket is remarkable.  I had to wonder about 508 - Oriental.   The afghan features flowers and butterflies; not what I'd typically think of as oriental.   Overall, some really great patterns featured here on the 38 pages.    What are your thoughts on the traditional and contemporary patterns?  

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  1. 506 - absolute perfection! I'm hoping to crochet one just like this soon.