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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Afghans Pillows Knit Crochet American Thread Dawn Book 181

This pattern book, American Thread Dawn Book 181 - Afghans and Pillows, has a really great Peacock pattern.   Of course, there are other really nice afghans (and pillows) as well. 

This book was put out by American Thread Company in the mid 1960s (my guess).  It was intended to be promotional material for their Dawn Yarn Line.  Of course, you can use other yarns.  Do they still even make Dawn Yarns?
Knitted Peacock Afghan Pattern, Vintage 1960s
 The Peacock - Embroidered Afghan Stitch This afghan is a beauty !  Three panels in afghan stitch, a marvelous scalloped edging and The Peacock embroidered.  What more could you want?   The afghan measures 50 x 70 inches. 

Hairpin Lace Crocheted Afghan Pattern
 Blue and White (on left).  This lovely afghan is a combination of hairpin lace and crochet - it measures 54" x 76" when complete.  
Purple and Blue Popcorn Squares (on right):  This subtly colorful afghan is crocheted with a No 10 wooden hook and measures 49" x 65".

Loop Stitch Ripple Afghan Crochet Pattern
 Loop Stitch Ripples (on left):  This delightfully textured ripple piece is crocheted and has a matching pillow.  To complete, you'll need an aluminum size J crochet hook, along with lining and filling for the pillow.   The finished piece measures 42" x 70".   
Solid Crochet Ripples (on right):  This is a colorful ripple ... make it up to match any decor.   The finished piece is 42" x 60" and requires a size J plastic hook.   

 Granny Afghan Pillow:  This is the matching pillow to the Granny Afghan shown below.  

Crocheted Ripple Pillow:  This is the corresponding pillow to the Ripple Pattern show above.  

Hexagon Crochet Afghan Pattern
 Knitted Ripple Afghan & Pillow (on left):  Finally, a ripple knitting pattern !  This one, in five colors, is 44 x 63 inches and has a matching pillow. 
Crocheted Hexagon (on right):  This lovely afghan sports a great hexagon block that has a floral motif and border worked in popcorn stitching.  It measures 48 x 80 inches, before the short fringe is added

Crocheted Ripple and Pillow (on left):  This extra special ripple has an overleaf design, adding great dimension to the design.
Crocheted Flowers and Squares (on right) This afghan sports a floral motif every other block and can be made up to match any decor.   It is 54" x 66" and is made with a Size H crochet hook. 

  Pennsylvania Dutch Knitted Afghan (on left):   This solid color beauty is full of pattern and textures as well as sports fringe all the way around.   It is knitted with size 8 needles and measures 54" x 72" when completed.   This pattern is available as a Free Download.
  Crocheted Granny Afghan: (on right)  This lovely (matching pillow above) is a classic and colorful Granny.   It measures 45" x 72" and is made with a size H plastic hook.

Loop Stitch Granny (on left):  This medium sized Granny afghan is large on detail.   the finished piece is 55" x 65" and is made with a size H plastic crochet hook.   
Knitted Block with crochet detail (on right):   Simple and lovely describes this afghan.   It measures 48" x 60" completed and is made with a size 8 pair of knitting needles and a size H plastic crochet hook.    Notice the little pillow in the corner.   Make one up for each color to hang out on the couch. 

The booklet gives us a nice selection of afghans, particularly heavy on the ripples, which will certainly be welcomed by all of you ripple lovers.    The Peacock is exquisite, of course, and I particularly like the Purple and Blue Popcorns.    I've restored all these patterns as individual PDF patterns (links below pictures) and they are available in my shop, should you be interested.

So, what do you think?   Has American Thread done it again ... creating an array of attractive and challenging afghans? 

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