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Sunday, March 27, 2011

American Thread Star Book 214 Vintage Crochet Knit Craft Patterns

One might say, this book is 'Jolly Good Fun'.    It is ...

Current Attractions, Flowers, Pillows, Gifts, Fashions 
Note the huge floral arrangement on this cover.   Also note how well the wood panel depicts so clearly shows the time period of early to mid 1960s.   But, back to the floral arrangement.   Each of the flowers and foliage are created with yarn.   I've not included pictures for each of the individual flowers, but they are in here !   Every piece is crafted with heavy rug yarn. 

 Now this is handy ... an umbrella holder built right into this crocheted tote bag.

 This is a stately bedspread bearing the very patriotic American Eagle.  It is crocheted.   The finished piece measures 57" x 100".

This is a tabletop Christmas Tree and it is created with wire and heavy rug yarn.   It begins the section of flowers and foliage.   This picture does not call me to rush out for heavy rug yarn, however, it might be cute in 'real life' and a good project for a schoolager who can measure and cut.

"It's a Shell, It's Crocheted, It's Devine", according to the title.    It's actually an interesting tunic variation for todays fashion with the side openings.   It is sized small, medium and large.

This pattern not only creates the adorable crocheted throw, but the flower shaped throw pillows as well.   This would be a wonderful addition to a Sunroom, A tween bedroom, or, of course, anywhere you'd like it to be.  The finished dimensions are not stated.

Mermaid Pajama Bag -- Now, this is an incredible fun blast from the past !   (If you are over 40), remember how we had pajama bag pillows on our bed, and in the morning, we made our (ya right) and put our pajamas inside a fun zippered character, or doll, bag and put it on our beds.   This is one of those.   She is crocheted and also requires lining, scraps of felt, foam,  and iridescent bangles.   

Here's some more of the 'individual' flowers picked out of the huge bouquet on the cover, along with a sampling of the crocheted pillow patterns.  I think these flowers would make great school projects for those in say ... 4th grade and up ... Make up a bunch for Mothers Day.

Three Little Bears.  Crochet up these little sweethearts (ummm, bears) for fun and decoration.   The are a combination crochet and craft project.   They are stuffed and adorned with felt.    The actual height it not stated (dimensions on craft projects was never an American Thread plus), but I'd think in the 6" 8" category.

 This little piece is a Santa Door Knob cover.   Now, I've never quite understood why we need doorknob covers, and do we take them off every time we open a door, but I do admit that it is a cute holiday decoration.   It's crocheted. 

Yes, it's a yarn dust mop.   Perhaps this was the precursor to the swiffer !  I'm sure it would be functional.  And, it would be a great little project for grade school age kids to make.

The official title 'It's a Quickie with a Large Size Hook".  This finished crocheted rug measures 18" x 36".

Another crocheted run, this one titled "Meow Meow".   This will make a great area run for any cat-loving person.   The dimensions are not stated.

Crocheted covers for wood hangers ... should you have any vintage wood hangers around !

This Eagle Picture is crocheted and framed.   You'll also see this picture displayed over the bed in the above Popcorn Eagle Bedspread.   Dimensions are not stated.

The back cover; used to recap a couple of the contents.  

I hope you enjoyed the tour !   A couple of the patterns are listed separately, if indicated above.    

Thanks for dropping by, 

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