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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Knitting Sweater Pattern Book American Thread Star Book 215

 This booklet, entitled Sweaters for Him and Her is mostly sweaters.  There are a couple deviations though, such as a cape, a scarf, a hat.    Well, let me just show you.

American Thread Star Book No 215
Better Sweaters, Knitted and Crocheted
For Him and Her

As is typical with the American Thread Vintage 1960s covers, this one is colorful, fun and whimsical.  Shown here is a preview of the first two patterns in the book.   First we have the Rose Flap Over; a knitted sweater with a rose motif.   It's a Mother and Daughter combo (or any combo you'd like) sized 10 to 16 adult and 3 to 6 girls.   The other pattern is 'The Big Long Scarf'.   And, boy is it long ... at least in the picture.  This crocheted scarf does not state the dimensions, so I'm guessing that 'you' decide how long you want it to be.
This is 'The Big Needle Jiffy Dress'. It  is a knit crochet combo 10 to 16.    A pattern for the knitted 'Quickie Tam' is also included.
 'Tiger Tiger Mittens'.   If you school mascot is a tiger, make them up in the appropriate colors.   If not, make them up in an color combo the tiger in you desires.   These mitts are knitted. 

This attractive sweater is called the "Aran Turtleneck" .   It is a knitting pattern and is sized S-M-L.

"The Turtleneck Hooded Raglan" sweater  is also knitted.   I'm sure that this type of garment, where the neck converts to the hood would have an actual name, but I do not know what it is.   (If you aide in my education, please leave me a comment!).    I do like it however.     It is sized 34-36-38. 

This is a Knit is A Day Pattern (how many hours is that, anyway ... 24?)  It is the mans Big Needle Slipover.  This is a warm, outdoors looking sweater with the chunky turtleneck and cuffs and the matching band.   It is sized for the larger man, 38-40-42.

Okay, remember these books are from the 1960's and a bit of Flower Power is a must.   Actually, that is the name of these.  The one on the left is the Flower Power Sweater.   It is a crocheted,  and bulky, with a nice sprinkling of  Fresia (?) on the front.   This is sized S-M-L.  The piece of the left is being a called a Flapover, for its ties on the sides.   It has a very definite flower situation going on.  With the ties on the side, it is a 'One Size Fits All.
Versus the other, more bulk winter items in this booklet, this Lacy Knit Top is soft and delicate. This top is knitted and is sized 34 - 36 - 38.

This is beautiful cape.  The picture shows it as upper thigh length, I suppose you could make it longer or shorter based on your personal desire.  It is knitted and lists on sizing, so I would assume it is considered 'one size'.

The back cover features two different patterns contained a couple pages before the end.  There are two different patterns ... just waiting to be knitted for the future Ski (or whatever) weekend !   The sweater on the left is called 'Beige Ski Sweater and Hat, and the one on the right is White Ski Sweater and band.    Both sweaters, the hat and the band are knitted.  
So, what do you think of this one?  Styles too outdated (Flower Power perhaps), for today's standards?   Of the books I've gone through so far (scanning, listing and reviewing) this one is heavier on the knitting side.   I've typically found alot of crochet patterns in the books, with one or two knitting tossed in.   This is the opposite.

I hope you enjoyed the preview, and thanks for dropping by.

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