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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Baby Crochet Knitting Patterns Star Book 210 American Thread

This little Star book contains some delightful Afghan and Layette Crochet and Knitting Patterns for Baby.  This booklet was issued by American Thread back in the 1960s as promotion to their line of yarns - in this case Dawn Orlon, Wintuk and Sayelle.  The patterns are cute, the babies are adorable.

Let me show you.
American Thread - Star Book No 210
Baby Infants to 18 Months - Crocheted and Knitted
The cover pattern is called 'Carriage' and is a crocheted afghan measuring 31" x 52".  It consists of 84 motifs, each measuring 4".  It's billed as a baby blanket, but seriously, it would make a wonderful lap robe for any age. 

Diamonds for Baby is a knitted afghan measuring 30" x 35".   This is quite sweet, but I'd think that baby would chew on the pom-poms.  

Knitted Blocks for Little Chicks is sized 6 months to 1 year.  It is a crocheted layette consisting of a jacket, booties and mittens.

Heart Appeal Baby Dress is sized 1 year to 18 months.   It is crocheted and absolutely adorable !

White and Pink Baby Set is crocheted in a lacy shell stitch for infant.   It has a sacque, a bonnet and tiny little booties. 

This little set is titled "For My Baby".  It is crocheted with a buttoned jacket, booties, mitts and a cap.  

Cables for Him or Her.   American Threads has a good number of 'Cables' sweaters for him and her (mens and misses), so it only makes sense they would have a Cables for baby as well!.   This is a Knit Set (crochet detail) and is sized 6 to 9 months. 

Crocheted Beauty is another crochet set consisting of a jacket, with a ribbon tie, booties, mittens and a bonnet.  It is sized for 6 months.

The back cover is an exact repeat of the front cover .. another display of the sweet baby with the afghan. 

This booklet, like most of the vintage pattern books from American Thread, are heavy on the crochet patterns.   All but two of these are crochet.   The only disappointment, in my opinion, is the layettes did not include blankets.   This would have been a great opportunity for shell stitch additions.

I hope you enjoyed the booklet.   Thanks for dropping by,  

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